Furniture Style Vanities Give Character to Powder Rooms

An antique or vintage dresser repurposed as a vanity and topped with a matching ornate mirror adds more personality and character than a standard cabinet could. Consider rich wood, a low-slung chunky base and sleek custom countertop to create the perfect blend of masculine and feminine aesthetics.  This is one of our favorites done by us here in Kansas City…
DTI-powder room
For a Mediterranean flair, consider a furniture style vanity created from a wine chest featuring rustic glimmers of gold to set the stage. Underfoot, ornate ceramic tile blends with terracotta walls, another way to complete beautiful bath!

wine chest vanity

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Classic nautical art and a nature-inspired rustic towel bar create a serene atmosphere. A hefty, solid wood vanity topped with a boxy basin backed with cool, organic tiling creates a masculine focus for a powder room. And traditionally inspired, dignified vertical stripes accentuate the lines of the neoclassical mirror.

Rich gold-patterned wallpaper is the perfect backdrop for an Asian-influenced furniture style vanity. An ornate, gilded mirror and serious, striped lamp will play well with blue and white china accents.

If you are interested in adding a furniture style vanity to your bathroom design contact The Decorative Touch today at 913-888-1388.

Breathtaking Bathroom Design Inspiration

As you begin working on your remodeling projects for the new year we want to whisper a reminder in your ear. Don’t forget the interior design of your bathroom, especially in your master suite. We haven’t discussed bathroom designs in a while, but that doesn’t mean we think any less of them. Bathrooms are one of our favorites to design because they often go unnoticed. There is nothing more fulfilling than designing a bathroom completely around a client’s personality and seeing their reaction. Because many people don’t give much attention to their bathroom decor, or realize how much time they actually spend in them, seeing it fully designed can be breathtaking.

Because The Decorative Touch believes in thorough design in every room, we think your bathroom should be just as elegant, opulent, glamorous and soothing as any other room. It may even need more considering it is one of the main places you gather your thoughts in the morning and unwind at night. We found a few absolutely amazing bathroom designs in Architectural Digest that we just know you will love. Get ready for sheer bathroom beauty…..

bathroom interior designbathroom interior designbathroom interior designbathroom interior designbathroom interior designbathroom interior design

Make Your Bathroom POP

Looking for a way to breathe life into your dull bathroom?  Simply add small items of bright bold colors.  Try a bright bar of soap on a contrasting soap dish or small ceramic plate.  If classic bar soap isn’t your thing, look for your choice of colored liquid soap and store it in a clear dispenser. Vibrant colored washcloths layered upon others will also bring personality and a fun element to your bathroom. For small bathrooms it is best to only use one or two bold items.  A more spacious bathroom can balance multiple bright pieces spread throughout.

Turquoise soap on orange dish