Warm Up Your Room with Cable Knit

It’s winter and cable knit sweaters rule supreme. Who could possibly resist the tightly stitched designs that make you want to curl up and get lost in them on sight? We love the warming look and feel of cable knit sweaters, not to mention the childhood memories they stir up. While looking around for inspiration we found an idea book on houzz that intertwined warm cable knits into interior designs. What a perfect idea for the winter.

You can instantly bring warmth into your room by tossing a cable knit blanket across your bed, or by slipping your pillow into its own personal sweater. We can already imagine being wrapped up in cable knit while watching TV on the bed, or being nice and cozy with a cable knit pillow in front of the fire with a book. Take a look at the designs we found and let us know if you would warm up your room with cable knit.

Images from houzz