Master Bathroom Design: Enhance Your Bath with Draperies

Nothing can change the atmosphere of a master bath quite like well-chosen draperies, but some homeowners find it difficult to settle on a particular style.  At The Decorative Touch, we believe in helping make that decision easier–with over 28 years of experience in the field, we have the knowledge and sense of craft to make your master bathroom design truly unique.

Adornment in master bath

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Adornment.  An unconventional hanging style allows these ornate draperies to radiate class and opulence while framing the room’s large window rather than hiding it, softening the the room with creative but timeless elegance.



framing privacy in bathroom

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Framing or privacy.  Despite adhering to a more modern style, the density and texture of fabric in these draperies conveys a simple elegance.  Hung in a classic but versatile style, they can be pulled back to reveal a stunning view, or released from their tiebacks for privacy.



The Decorative Touch

Enhancing architecture.  Not all draperies are meant for windows, we designed this clever placement of drapery that lends a sense of depth and luxury while drawing attention to the unique form of the master bath. 

Whether you’ve already envisioned your dream draperies or need a bit of guidance, The Decorative Touch will work with you to make your fantasy a reality.