fall leaf pressings encased in glass

3 Easy Fall Decorating Ideas

Changing your home’s entire interior design scheme with every change of the season can be costly. That’s why you want to keep your classics, things like your furniture and photos the same. The feeling of the season can really be found in the details, or your home accessories. It’s in the details that new life is given to a space and a completely new ambiance is born!

Take a look at 3 simple fall decorating ideas from that are perfect for an autumn home:

1. Pretty Leaf Pressings

fall leaf pressings encased in glass

You can’t go wrong with pretty and simple. Colorful fall foliage pressed, fully dried, and displayed in glass are elegant and bring nature inside the home.

2. Vase Variety

fall vases

Keep a variety of vases in storage so switch out can be easy when seasons change. For fall, vases with earth art or in fall colors like brown, orange, and red are great. Add some blooms of the season and twigs to finish the look.

3. Wreaths of the Harvest

autumn harvest wreath

 Wreaths add a warm touch to any home interior space. For the fall season, choose a wreath that is filled with the harvest of autumn.

How are you bringing in the beauty of fall to your Kansas City area home?