crystal chandelier

3 Lighting Trends for Traditional Homes

There is a common misconception that a traditional interior design style is fussy and outdated. This couldn’t be farther from the truth as designers and homeowners continue to push the boundaries of traditional design by integrating many current design trends within the style.

There are several lighting trends perfect for interior design projects in a traditional home, including:


Refined rustic

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Refined rustic Modern fabrics, shapes, and accents add a refined look to classic rustic lighting. This evolution of the rustic look infuses a modern feel to the casual design style.

Kitchen layered lighting

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Layered lighting Many traditional homes boast large, multifunction kitchens that require a variety of lights. Using layered lighting to combine functional with overhead lights will create a warm ambience while providing targeted lighting via can, pendant, under cabinet, and track lighting.

crystal chandelier

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Crystal If you want to add a splash of drama and elegance to your home’s interior consider investing in crystal lighting. This lighting style is best integrated into a traditional home in classic chandelier shapes.

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