Kansas City Home and Garden: Fit for Family

The Decorative Touch Featured in Kansas City Homes and Gardens Magazine

We are beyond elated to be published in the Jan./Feb. issue of Kansas City Home and Garden. The article is entitled Fit for Family where the editors examine our task of designing the interior of a home adding 5,000 square feet to the already 5,500 square-foot space. The homeowners — who I have had the pleasure of working with a few years before— hired the Decorative Touch to work in tandem with the builder to not only increase living space but also focus on perpetual style that appeals to the family-centered nature of the owners. As the interior designer, I clearly understood the vision for the home, which I reiterated in the article.

“Everything in the house was conceived to enhance family life,”  Janine Terstriep says. “When the homeowners were ready to do a significant renovation to the existing house, they knew exactly what they wanted.”

It takes a great team to achieve this type of result on a home, from architect and builder to designer and homeowner. I was delighted to be part of the talent that made this all come together. To read the entire article, grab the Jan./Feb. issue of KCH&G, or just click on the screen grab below.

Kansas City Home and Garden: Fit for Family

Kansas City Home and Garden: Fit for Family

Photo: Kansas City Home and Garden

Are you looking to establish a new style with your home’s  interior design? We can help you get started.  Just contact the Decorative Touch, and we’ll help with the next step.

Janine’s Tip of the Week #3: Creating a Retreat

The Decorative Touch

The Decorative Touch

I get asked: I want to begin a new Master Bedroom, but how do I create that retreat?

Master Bedrooms are truly the sanctuary of your home. It’s the one place I find that my clients want to shut out the rest of the world. And yet, I think it’s almost the most ignored space in the home. How sad is that! You deserve to spoil yourself in the master suite. I suggest that you start with deciding how you want the space to feel. This should be a true reflection of your “couple” personality, which means choosing options that are not strictly feminine or masculine.

The great news is bedroom furniture is not like our parents furniture! There are amazing leather headboards, upholstered headboards, and beautiful over-sized iron beds. And our nightstands can be totally different than our beds.  The days of everything being the same wood are over. Great design allows you to be a little playful with your furnishings.  Now if that is not in your comfort zone, no problem.  Instead, be more creative with your fabrics.

First, find fabrics that just feel good to you and you can’t wait to sink yourself into. Something that really just says “comfort.” Remember, this is your place of rest, relaxation, and tranquility. With all the beautifully bedding choices out there, something should grab you and just say ahh… I would suggest looking at Eastern or Legacy, both lines are great and a good starting point.

Next, paint color comes from your bedding choice, and don’t be afraid to consider an accent wall behind the bed for wallpaper, faux paint, or another great texture. Maybe try a drapery treatment. Bedrooms are all about textures. Drapery, privacy treatments like woven shades, or room darkening roman shades are going to be important as well. This is your cacoon so to speak, so don’t let mother nature in too early!

Again,  look to the experts, there are loads of great master bedrooms in magazines, so do your homework. Don’t settle for ordinary in this room,  it’s the one space in your home that you spend a great deal of time in.  It should reflect your personality; however, I would suggest you hire an interior designer before starting your project.

Janine Terstriep