Janine’s Tip of the Week #1: Design Homework

KitchenAre you considering redecorating or remodeling, and yet have no idea how you want the space to look? Are you completely unsure of your own style?

Before calling your interior designer, start by doing a little homework.  I always give my clients a little research project: Go to your favorite bookstore and invest in 3-5 design magazines in your project category. Are you interested in kitchen remodel? Are you interested in a fabulous new great room or are you focused on your master bedroom?

By diving into a few magazines and creating a scrapbook of your favorites, you are sure to tell your favorite designer a lot about the look you have in your heart. Just by looking at someone’s favorite tear outs, it’s easy for me to see what is consistent.

And remember, decorating is a FUN and exciting process. Enjoy the peace of mind a professional can bring to the process of successful interior design.

Janine Terstriep

Designer Secrets for Help in Selecting the Perfect Paint Color!

1.)  Select your fabrics for the living room or great room first, the rug, drapery, and sofa are often the more expensive items and will generate the color scheme…and the $300-$500 of paint will create the backdrop for these items.  So selecting the perfect shade of “mocha” will often be found in your sofa and help ground the other items in the room.
2.)  Select your tile and granite first if you are working on a kitchen or bathroom, as they are the materials that will remain the longest and again are the most costly.  Its easy to get more excited about your paint color when you can see how well it relates to the materials already selected in the room!
3.)  If you are working on a bedroom, buy your bedding first!  There are so many beautiful bed collections that the paint color can accent so deliciously once your bedding is selected, and your job is so much easier.
4.)  If a bath renovation is on your list, start with wonderful new tile or simply a new shower curtain and your paint or possibly wallpaper can fit in nicely.
5.)  And if you must choose your color palette that flows throughout your home with out all of your furniture selections complete, I do suggest hiring a professional interior designer to help make selections as perfect as possible.  There are many things to be considered when building or renovating…designers do make the processes much easier.