The New Kitchen Island: Oversized Dinner Tables

Aside from the every day appliances what is the one thing you will more than likely see when entering a home’s kitchen? An island. Ever since kitchen islands broke onto the scene they have been a kitchen staple. Many include various features such as storage, cooking space, and additional amenities. As interior design has evolved the kitchen island has taken on a new form and function. And depending on your lifestyle you may find them to be more functional than ever before.

The new kitchen island is something we’ve seen before, only on a larger scale. Kitchen islands are now imitating the design of oversized dinner tables. They can be seen featuring leg forms commonly found on tables with less storage space if any. The classic dinner table design is even more exemplified when seating is include on multiple sides.

Take a look at a few of the new kitchen islands we found and let us know what you think!

Images from houzz