Leave Them Open

If your kitchen design is starting to bore you then it’s time to switch things up. Redesigning your kitchen cabinets will give your kitchen the slightest, but noticeable face lift. Traditionally we store all our everyday dishes behind opaque cabinet doors while our finest china gets all the attention in a display case. Transform your kitchen by opening up your cabinets and showing off your stylish dishware. Your cabinet doors can be removed, replaced with glass or simply left open. Painting the inside of the cabinets  adds a pop of color and makes your kitchen inviting. What do you think about open cabinetry?

Open cabinetsImage from Southern Living

Open cabinetsImage from Coastal Living

Open cabinetsImage from House Beautiful

Open cabinetsImage from House Beautiful

Island Style

Typically you can find kitchen islands in majority of today’s newer homes. Many people are even remodeling and adding islands to their kitchens. With the high demand, islands can be found to match every personality and design theme. If you prefer intricate crown molding, you can have what is already displayed throughout your home incorporated into your island. It can be simple, detailed, modern, rustic and whatever else imaginable. You can even have your island flow into a bar, seating area or  have extra cabinetry for storage. With the endless options, here are a few unique island styles we like.

Kitchen Island

Decorative Accents: Sunburst Mirrors

You have probably seen these mirrors everywhere. But did you know that sunburst mirrors have been around for centuries? In fact, Louis XIV is said to have started the trend. If you are looking for an interesting wall piece, a sunburst mirror might be just the right accent. Whether placed above the bed or a piece of furniture, they can add texture and interest to just about any space. Just check out a few examples below.

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Tips from Janine: Kitchen Remodeling

ciacco kitchen

Decorative Touch, Leawood kitchen remodel

Are you considering a kitchen remodel?
Kitchen remodeling can be one of the most rewarding renovations a homeowner can do! Not only does it add the most value to your home, but it is the most used space in the home and you see immediate personal results to your renovation. The experts tell us the return on investment is highest on a kitchen remodel. However, if you live in the home during your renovation, be prepared for some challenges. It can be very difficult to “give up” your kitchen for 2–­3 months during your remodeling process. And no matter what your best plans are, there are always one or two small challenges along the way and being without your kitchen does seem to be the hardest on all homeowners.

What to expect
That being said, we suggest that you find the right contractor. Someone you are completely comfortable with and discuss all your expectations and deadlines upfront. Also, be sure to have an interior designer involved so that all your beautiful finishes compliment each other and your kitchen functions exactly the way you are hoping it will. Designers make the process much less stressful and help guide you along the way.

As a rule of thumb, it’s reasonable to spend about 10%–15% of your home value on your kitchen renovation. If done well, you can expect to get 75–80% of that investment back when you go to resell your home.

It’s a big step to remodel a kitchen, but also a BIG reward! Have you got the courage?

Call your designer today!


Gifts That Will Keep On Giving

One of the best gifts you can give yourself this holiday season is a new piece of furniture, something you’ll enjoy for years to come. Before setting out on your shopping expedition, though, it’s important to do your homework.

Decide what you need
Save time, money and frustration by starting with a solid plan. Take an inventory of what you’ll keep, what you’ll get rid of and what you’ll need to add or replace.

Measure your space
Carefully measure your space from wall to wall and floor to ceiling. With your measurements in hand, draw a to-scale layout of the room (in which 1 foot equals ¼ inch), including every opening and architectural element, including doors, windows and fireplaces.

Measure your furniture

Once you find a piece of furniture you love, be sure to measure it, too. Compare it to the size of your room’s doors (or windows) to be sure that you can get it into the room.

Make everything fit
Using the same ¼ inch = 1 foot scale, cut out templates that represent your existing pieces of furniture as well as those you intend to buy. Move them around on the floor plan you’ve drawn, playing with different room arrangements. Not only will that let you see what works and what doesn’t, it will save your back, too!

By Louise Lange

Recycling Tips

We all agree that recycling is good for the environment, but what about good for your interior design? Kansas City Homes & Gardens featured an article recently covering “new” building materials that you may want to consider for your next renovation. Recycled glass in your countertops, reclaimed into tiles for your backsplash, and even paper and metals can find a second life in your home.

Image Courtesy of Kansas City Homes & Gardens

By Jaime Tamsin