Tip of the Week #13: Complete with a Lamp

LampDo you feel like there is just something missing from your room? You can’t quite put your finger on it, but for some reason it doesn’t feel complete. Chances are you’re right, and that finishing touch is a lamp. Adding lighting to your room is one of the most important factors to completing a room. Lamps serve two very distinct functions—to illuminate and decorate.

When choosing the finishing touch for your room the function and style must be taken into consideration. You don’t want a well lit room that doesn’t match your decor. Accent or desk lamps should be used in areas with other focal points because they cast light downward. Table and floor lamps cast warm light which are inviting for multiple situations. And for drama, torchiers should be used because they shine light upward to bounce off the ceiling and wall.

After you figure out what function your lamp will serve you can choose the style. Keep it consistent with what you already have in the room so the design flows. Lamps come in every style so you are sure to find something that fits.

Once you have it place it, plug it in and enjoy the illumination and decoration!