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Mix Cabinetry Finishes for Sophisticated Eclectic Style

Kitchen Stove AreaI am often asked about mixing cabinet finishes, and is it a trend or is it a timeless statement?  I find that its important to be true to yourself, and create the eclectic style you crave!  Its a great option to think about mixing and matching cabinetry finishes, and I sure don’t see this as trendy, just another interesting way to make your space special!

When you’re dealing with a small space, such as bathrooms, you want to create an illusion of space. The best way to accomplish this will be by using dark cabinetry finishes down low, switching to lighter finishes as you move upward. The dark color works as a visual anchor.

Don’t worry about choosing cabinetry finishes that might be trendy at the moment. Trends come and go. Instead of trying to be fashionable, allow your instincts to guide you when making choices about the types of cabinets you want to mix and match.

Even though you might be mixing and matching styles and colors, try to stick to a theme. For example, pick natural wood grains or bright colors throughout the entire room.

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In addition to playing with different cabinet doors, don’t be afraid to try unique baseboards. The baseboard should make a nice accent piece.

When you allow yourself to take a chance and try an eclectic mix-up of varying types of cabinetry finishes, you’ll quickly find your house has become home and does an amazing job showing off your unique and fun personality. Decorative Touch Ltd.