Décor Double Take: The Blind Side


The Blind Side, IMDB

Have you ever been watching a movie and have fallen in love with the décor? If you are anything like me, you notice the set design before anything else. So, speaking of a great movie, I would highly recommend The Blind Side. Not only is it a wonderful story, but if you are a crazy designer like me, you will love seeing the scenes in Sandra Bullock’s home.

It is a lovely home from the outside, but the decor inside is very well done, too. Sandra Bullock plays an interior designer in the movie and some of her scenes are easy for me to relate to–especially how much I talk on my cell phone…it is constantly connected to my ear! But seriously, don’t you just love the living room and that gorgeous sofa that Big Mike sleeps on? The movie is not only a good one for those who are design obsessed like me, but husbands will enjoy the show, too. On a side note, I do wish there were more good people in the world like the folks in this show. You just walk away feeling better.

By Janine Terstriep