green storage cubes

Kid’s Room Creative Storage Ideas

When you have children, stuff comes home with them. Whether it be toys, sports equipment, book bags, uniforms, books, and whatever else, it all has to be stored. And we all know how the overstuffed closet can quickly become a safety hazard. There are plenty of storage options for your child’s room that are creative and will hide all of those things your child or children accumulate over time.

Take a look at three great creative storage ideas that are featured on

green storage cubes

Using easy to reach open storage cubes or shelves make cleaning a cinch! You can even put your child’s trophies, artwork, and awards on display.


underbed kid storage

The kids already put (hide) stuff under the bed anyway, why not make it organized? Not only do custom under bed storage drawers and shelves keep items off the floor, it’s also a convenient location for bedtime books.


green hutch

 A colorful armoire can keep things neat and out of view with doors that can be closed when guests are in the home.

What creative storage ideas have you used in your child’s room?


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