Make Your Bathroom POP

Looking for a way to breathe life into your dull bathroom?  Simply add small items of bright bold colors.  Try a bright bar of soap on a contrasting soap dish or small ceramic plate.  If classic bar soap isn’t your thing, look for your choice of colored liquid soap and store it in a clear dispenser. Vibrant colored washcloths layered upon others will also bring personality and a fun element to your bathroom. For small bathrooms it is best to only use one or two bold items.  A more spacious bathroom can balance multiple bright pieces spread throughout.

Turquoise soap on orange dish

Décor Double Take: Mr. & Mrs. Smith

Another great movie and home Mr and Mrs Smith with our friends Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. Who knew where they would go from here? But how about this house? Although the exterior seems very colonial and has southern charm,  when you open the door, a bit of the city and urban flair rings loud and clear.  I think the production crew did a great job reflecting the actors personality in this home.  It’s swanky and upscale. Just take a closer look at the living room and dining room. The light fixtures set the tone for a contemporary, transitional, risky performance–not always expected in such a true colonial, but they pulled it together beautifully. Just another movie where I had a hard time keeping my eyes off the wonderful “design” of the home.
If you are looking for more about the decor in Mr. & Mrs. Smith, also check out this post by Hooked on Houses.

Janine’s Tip of the Week #1: Design Homework

KitchenAre you considering redecorating or remodeling, and yet have no idea how you want the space to look? Are you completely unsure of your own style?

Before calling your interior designer, start by doing a little homework.  I always give my clients a little research project: Go to your favorite bookstore and invest in 3-5 design magazines in your project category. Are you interested in kitchen remodel? Are you interested in a fabulous new great room or are you focused on your master bedroom?

By diving into a few magazines and creating a scrapbook of your favorites, you are sure to tell your favorite designer a lot about the look you have in your heart. Just by looking at someone’s favorite tear outs, it’s easy for me to see what is consistent.

And remember, decorating is a FUN and exciting process. Enjoy the peace of mind a professional can bring to the process of successful interior design.

Janine Terstriep

Recycling Tips

We all agree that recycling is good for the environment, but what about good for your interior design? Kansas City Homes & Gardens featured an article recently covering “new” building materials that you may want to consider for your next renovation. Recycled glass in your countertops, reclaimed into tiles for your backsplash, and even paper and metals can find a second life in your home.

Image Courtesy of Kansas City Homes & Gardens

By Jaime Tamsin