Pantone Fall 2011 Color Report

Pantone Releases Fall 2011 Color Report

Does it seem as though Pantone just recently released the 2o11 color of the year? Well now they’ve released their Fall 2011 Color Report during New York Fashion Week. Every year a team of fashion designers reveal their color inspirations for the design industry which always end up being the most popular and sought after. This year designers have combined bright colors with staple neutrals. The combination is stated to be reminiscent of the complementing colors artists use in paintings.

This year’s must have colors for fall include Bamboo, Emberglow, Honeysuckle, Phlox, Cedar, Deep Teal, Nougat, Orchid Hush, and Quarry. And as fashion and interior design so often go hand in hand, these colors will play major roles in interiors throughout the year. While surfing the net for inspiration we came across a few examples of the colors translated into interior design, take a look…

Pantone Fall 2011 Color Report

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Lovely Lucite

Plastic furniture is no longer regulated only to your child’s play area. Get in on the fun and decorate with Lucite. As we are seeing more and more of the acrylic furnishings, we are noting its design benefits. Being clear Lucite is extremely versatile and will coordinate with any interiors. The furniture will seem barely there giving the illusion of more space. The clean and polished lines of Lucite can be translated through small decorative pieces or larger furniture such as tables or chairs. Just as your kids’ furniture, the plastic is durable and easy to clean should there be any accidents. We are loving this plastic look of elegance, can you picture some lovely Lucite in your rooms?

bedroom with lucite furnitureDesk with lucite chairlucite coffee tableImages from Odi et Amo

lucite coffee tablelucite lampslucite desk, chair and lampImages from houzz

Jennifer Aniston’s Stylish Platform Bed

Sometimes I run across something so interesting that I can’t wait to share it with you, and this is one of those moments. A friend who follows this blog sent this to me and this bed is such a beauty. This is Jennifer Aniston’s very-own platform bed, just was featured in the March issue of Architectural Digest. Isn’t it great?

What really makes this bedroom so great are those oversized lamps and the tile headboard. The bed is enormous, so you would have to have a large enough bedroom to accommodate such a large piece of furniture, but it sure makes a stunning focal point. A bedroom like this is clean and sleek, without the look of old-fashioned “matching” furniture. It’s just another way to think about the bedroom as a true haven!


Creating The “Guest-Friendly” Layout

One of the great things about owning a home is the ability to entertain several guests at a time. Having a large living room becomes essential for those of us who like to have people over to sit around and converse.
The worst thing that could happen during your conversations with friends is the easy distraction of another walking through and getting in front of you. That is why designing the proper layout is ever so essential. Most people know of the perfect layout, often referred to the “conversation circle.”

This layout is often found in living or family rooms. You accomplish this layout by setting up a sofa with two chairs on the flank, or perhaps a loveseat. Then you may put a television in front of the sofa on the wall. A chair may be even angled next to the television set. Another way to go about all this is by having two sofas face each other with a coffee table in between.

You want to set up the furniture so it allows for multi-functionality. This way guests have an easy time, say, to set their food and drink, flip through a photo album placed on a table. Set it up so there is a multiple of ways to form entertainment.

A new layout catching popularity is having four larger-sized and comfortable chairs circled around a circular cocktail/coffee table in the middle. This allows for activities such as a board game or puzzle while socializing. Pottery Barn has been showcasing this layout lately in their catalogs.

Other areas where you may need to create a conversation-supported layout are dens, dining rooms, studies, or possibly even an oversized bedroom. Don’t forget to bring the conversation circle layout outside and on to your patio for those beautiful days. Follow the same basic layout and maybe add a fire pit nearby for some added warmth on those cooler summer evenings.

How do you all go about preparing layouts that are guest-friendly?

News: Are You in the Market for New Upholstered Furniture?

Miles-accessorizedI just got back from Norwalk, OH from the Norwalk furniture factory and wow, was I impressed. Norwalk has been transformed, cleaned up, and streamlined into a #1 US custom-made furniture option. Under new ownership and new vision, this company is another one of my favorites.  The employees just gleamed  with pride as we toured the factory, where we witnessed fine upholsterers and seamstresses putting the final touches on their product. It was such an honor to see each phase of the upholstery process.

After 25 years selling fine furniture, I have an even greater appreciation for what goes into the final product. I have just gotten a new chair in my studio, the Quincy chair,  and would love to share more about Norwalk with you. If you aren’t able to stop by,  be sure to check out the Norwalk Web site. It is well worth your time. I especially love the Copley Square collection as it fits almost everyone, but the new Elise Chair is a beauty. And if comfort with a flair is for you, take a peak at the Milford.

Have fun with Norwalk. They have really taken a step in the right direction.
Photo Credit: Norwalk Furniture

Janine’s Tip of the Week #2: Furniture Selection

decorativetouch4I often get asked: Where do I begin in my furniture selection for this room?

Well, again each case is different, but most of the time the largest piece dictates the space.  I often start with either the area rug or the sofa. Which piece is going to have more pattern?  If the area rug is the busiest and has a large-scale pattern, I start with that first. Then the sofa will be smaller or medium pattern. For instance, a tweed or texture looks great with larger patterned pillows. Additionally, I might choose leather or plaid/paisley patterned chairs  to complement the rug colors.  As a general rule of thumb, I like to work from that one large pattern; it makes it easier to find the perfect “go with” items.
Janine Terstriep