Janine’s Tip of the Week #2: Furniture Selection

decorativetouch4I often get asked: Where do I begin in my furniture selection for this room?

Well, again each case is different, but most of the time the largest piece dictates the space.  I often start with either the area rug or the sofa. Which piece is going to have more pattern?  If the area rug is the busiest and has a large-scale pattern, I start with that first. Then the sofa will be smaller or medium pattern. For instance, a tweed or texture looks great with larger patterned pillows. Additionally, I might choose leather or plaid/paisley patterned chairs  to complement the rug colors.  As a general rule of thumb, I like to work from that one large pattern; it makes it easier to find the perfect “go with” items.
Janine Terstriep