room with with animal prints

Exotic and Chic Animal Prints

It’s true, if used incorrectly animals prints on multiple large surfaces can immediately make a room appear tacky. If used correctly, sparingly throughout, the look will not only be exotic but very chic. We found some interior designs on ELLE Decor that used animal print perfectly. The prints are either on the floor, as upholstery for a few pieces of furniture or the throw pillows. The key to keeping the look elegant is to use prints on a few small pieces, or one large piece such as a rug or carpeting— but never all together. What do you think of the designs, are they exotic and chic?

room with with animal printsroom with with animal printsroom with with animal printsroom with with animal printsroom with with animal printsroom with with animal printsImages by Simon Upton for ELLE DOCOR

Iman Home fabric

Iman in Your Home

Interior design continues to follows fashion. It seems as though every other week a fashion designer creates a line of home furnishings or fabric. World-renowned model Iman is now joining the ranks with her own line of fabric being sold through Calico Corners. IMAN Home is inspired by her Somalian heritage featuring bold, contemporary, and exotic yet elegant designs. She celebrated the launch of her line this week, along with Carlos Mota, by outfitting the VIP Mercedes-Benz Star Lounge at New York Fashion Week with her designs. What do you think of the bold fabric, can you see Iman in your home?Iman Home fabricIman Home fabricIman Home fabricIman Home fabricIman Home fabric

Images from Calico Corners and IMAN Home.

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Tip of the Week #11: Sex and The City 2 Interiors

To ‘all the single ladies’ and all the married ladies for that matter, if you haven’t yet seen the movie “Sex and the City 2”  let me just say, I for one genuinely enjoyed it. While watching the very talented Sarah Jessica Parker and team, you can certainly get a tip or two not only for your interiors (Carrie even admitted to cheating on fashion with furniture), but fashion on as well. In true form, interiors always follow fashion. Take a special note as to how much wallcovering is used in Carrie and Big’s Manhattan penthouse. What a gorgeous uptown showcase!  I would want to relax a little more comfortably, in a less stream lined sofa, but leave it to Carrie to select the sofa that doesn’t make perfect sense. Sex and the City 2 is a movie that takes you away for an hour or two and leaves you wanting to go shopping in more ways than one (You single girls know what I mean!). Enjoy every minute and who knows, maybe we will see a nursery in Carrie’s next penthouse.  It’s possible right?  Are you a Carrie Bradshaw fan??  Or have the Sex and the City girls gone far enough, traveling across the world?  Let us know what you think…

Sex and the City 2 decorSex and the City 2 decor

Images from Elle Decor

Yellow and Gray Combo?

You may think using gray to decorate will make your room dark and gloomy, but it doesn’t. Mix in some yellow and both colors pop. The brightness of yellow paired with the starkness of gray contrast amazingly. If you aren’t into extremely bright yellow, go for a darker shade. Check these pictures out for ideas on how to incorporate gray and yellow in your home.

Gray and Yellow Living Room

Gray and Yellow Bedroom

2010 nursery style alert: birds, owls, giraffes oh my

Expectant parents have so many decisions to make when designing their little bundle’s nursery. One of the first decisions that parents must make is choosing a theme. While themes can range from the ultra modern to the understated traditional, some of the trends hitting the scene have included nature-inspired themes such as birds, owls, and the newest addition: giraffes.


Jennifer Sbranti's giraffe-inspired inspiration board

Though giraffes might be all the rage now, Jennifer Sbranti, Founder + Editor-in-Chief, Hostess with the Mostess blog, suggests making the nursery personal  by incorporating those special pieces, like a piece of art or mural, alongside the more trendy decorations to avoid that “matchy-matchy” look of the past. She also advises that those little touches such as  unique throw pillows or adding colorful trim to a lamp shade can help personalize the room and make the nursery a comfortable haven for mom and baby.

Interested in learning more? Click here to read more from Jennifer Sbranti’s post featured on the Stroller Traffic blog.

By Jessica Scheufler

Getting into the Holiday Spirit

Like most interior designers, we continue to be inspired by the ever-growing number of design blogs. One of our current favorites is The Peak of Chic, where blogger Jennifer Boles recently devoted a post to holiday decor.

Photograph by Jennifer Boles/Courtesy of The Peak of Chic

Photograph by Jennifer Boles/Courtesy of The Peak of Chic

If you’re still in need of inspiration or simply enjoy admiring the handiwork of others like we do, take a look at The Peak’s Christmas post. Send us pictures of your own decorations, too; they just may inspire others!

By Janine