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Interior Design Challenge: How to Keep Bookshelves Looking Chic, Not Cluttered

It’s ok to admit it, when you watch HGTV every night (yes, every night, I know it’s addicting) after work, you get jealous at the awe-inspiring interior design of the houses featured.  Then you see it, a wall-to-wall bookshelf completely filled with books and it looks amazing; it even has a ladder to reach the books at the top!

Bookshelves are a great opportunity to add character to any room.  Here are some ideas to get that ideal bookshelf for your room:

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Cut the clutter: orderliness is in these days and the best way to have your bookshelf looking organized is to not over-crowd it.  Leave some space between each object on the bookshelf instead of cramming a bunch of objects on the shelf.  Remember, less is often more!

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Books books books: This seems obvious (it is a BOOKshelf after all), but utilize books.  They will make any room or space look sophisticated.  Don’t be afraid to arrange them in unique ways too – some standing upright and some on their backs.

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Match styles: If you’re looking for a traditional look, use all traditional objects; it will give the bookshelf a look of unity.

If you’ve finally decided that you want that HGTV look in your Kansas City home’s interior design, contact The Decorative Touch today.

Why hire a professional?

As a professional designer, I follow other professionals in the design industry’s blogs and articles on interior design.  One of my favorite writers is Maria Killam.  I follow Maria’s blog, as I respect her and much of what she has done in the design industry.

I feel she is right on target with her latest blog post on “How Do I Know What My Style Is?” I love this question from one of her readers…as it is one that I get from my clients as well.

Her answer is perfect, and well said… (I couldn’t say it better myself.) …there is a reason one hires a professional for advice in every category of their life.

When you are tackling the interior of your home there is no difference.  Mistakes are costly.  I value the experts who have invested in the time, energy and education to become experts in their field of study.  Interior designers are no different, and finding a good one, is a treasure.

Click here to read Maria’s blog post on the subject.


A Very Happy Mother’s Day

Happy MOM’s DAY…to All the mothers and grandmothers out there!!
I was so inspired by my own Mother…she truly was a one in a million woman.
She taught me so much about life, and how to live it.  How to treat other people, and how to hold my head up high even when I didn’t always feel I could.   She taught me to be the best at whatever I chose to be… She will always be the wind beneath my wings, and an angel on my shoulder.  There is not a Mothers Day that I don’t miss her and wish I would have cherished our time more…
I hope all of you have a blessed Mothers Day…and if you can…hug your mom just one more time…