Nook Style

You know exactly what you want the design of your living room to  be. You are even more positive about the design of your bedroom, but what about that random nook in your floor plan? Many people have a hard time deciding how to design a small recessed area. Do you continue with the design of the room it’s closest to, or do you give it its own design? There is no right answer, except the one that fits your preferences. However, nooks should never be neglected. Although small in size they can support a well thought out design. You can add unique seating, storage or a vignette. We found these wonderfully designed nooks and would like to share them with you. What  do you think of the designs? Call us today at 913 – 888 – 1388 to begin planning the design of your nook.

Decorated nookImage from Elle Decor

Decorated nookImage from COCOCOZY

Decorated nookImage from House of Turquoise

Decorated nookImage from COCOCOZY