Interior Trim Ideas for Your Home

Interior Trim Ideas for Your Home

Oftentimes I discuss interior trim and the various ways we can take advantage of for your home. To show you exactly how trimming can enhance your decor, I wanted you to know of  ways to use trimming as an accent.

Window Casing

Window Casing

No. 1 Base: Using trimming where the wall and floor come together is called the base or the baseboard. The trim will cover gaps between floor and wall finishes plus will protect the wall finish from swinging feet, jostled furniture, and more.

No. 2 Chair Rail: In a practical sense, a chair rail protects the wall finish from any furniture that gets placed against the wall. Also from an interior design prospective, the chair splits the wall into horizontal layers, which help with the proportions of the wall in your home. It looks stunning too.

No. 3 Waiscot: The space between the chair rail and baseboard can be a paneled area. Think of including simple wood panels, beadboard, raised panels or horizontal wood paneling.

No. 4 Window Casing: The traditional method of casing a window or a door is supposed to be used  to separate pieces on the  side, top and bottom. But you can also use it from a design standpoint. The trim can be richly detailed.

For more trim ideas, go to to read about additional options for interior trims. And if you are interested in adding such lovely detailing to your home, contact The Decorative Touch.

Office Space

Much of our time is spent in the office.  With a standard, 40-hour workweek, we can expect to spend 2,080 hours a year at work.  So with all of that time spent at the office, it’s important to make your work space comfortable and productive.  Adding touches of style, lots of trends and a few personal ideas will inspire great thinking and a plethora of productivity.  There are seemingly endless choices for the perfect office décor – including everything from traditional to modern or feminine and masculine.  Take a look of some of the office spaces The Decorative Touch has chosen as great ways to liven up your work space.  Leave a comment or tell us on Facebook some of your home office décor ideas.

Traditional Office

Modern Office

Masculine Office

Feminine Office