Upcoming Trend: Kuba Style

Adding a little texture to your space is always a good idea. When used in moderation textured fabrics breathe life into your interiors. One trend to watch is Kuba-style fabric. Kuba-style textiles are a classic African fabric. The cloth features geometric interlocking patterns which resemble that of the Greek key design. The current styles boost neutral, natural colors. The hand-woven fabric is sure to bring texture to your sofa or bed through a pillow, or to the floor with a rug. If you prefer a contemporary look to that of the hand-made, the print can be screened onto fabric. What do you think of the Kuba-style fabric?

In the living room

Kuba fabric in roomKuba fabric in room

On a chairKuba fabric in room

On a lucite chairKuba fabric in room

Lovely Lucite

Plastic furniture is no longer regulated only to your child’s play area. Get in on the fun and decorate with Lucite. As we are seeing more and more of the acrylic furnishings, we are noting its design benefits. Being clear Lucite is extremely versatile and will coordinate with any interiors. The furniture will seem barely there giving the illusion of more space. The clean and polished lines of Lucite can be translated through small decorative pieces or larger furniture such as tables or chairs. Just as your kids’ furniture, the plastic is durable and easy to clean should there be any accidents. We are loving this plastic look of elegance, can you picture some lovely Lucite in your rooms?

bedroom with lucite furnitureDesk with lucite chairlucite coffee tableImages from Odi et Amo

lucite coffee tablelucite lampslucite desk, chair and lampImages from houzz

Nook Style

You know exactly what you want the design of your living room to  be. You are even more positive about the design of your bedroom, but what about that random nook in your floor plan? Many people have a hard time deciding how to design a small recessed area. Do you continue with the design of the room it’s closest to, or do you give it its own design? There is no right answer, except the one that fits your preferences. However, nooks should never be neglected. Although small in size they can support a well thought out design. You can add unique seating, storage or a vignette. We found these wonderfully designed nooks and would like to share them with you. What  do you think of the designs? Call us today at 913 – 888 – 1388 to begin planning the design of your nook.

Decorated nookImage from Elle Decor

Decorated nookImage from COCOCOZY

Decorated nookImage from House of Turquoise

Decorated nookImage from COCOCOZY

Leave Them Open

If your kitchen design is starting to bore you then it’s time to switch things up. Redesigning your kitchen cabinets will give your kitchen the slightest, but noticeable face lift. Traditionally we store all our everyday dishes behind opaque cabinet doors while our finest china gets all the attention in a display case. Transform your kitchen by opening up your cabinets and showing off your stylish dishware. Your cabinet doors can be removed, replaced with glass or simply left open. Painting the inside of the cabinets  adds a pop of color and makes your kitchen inviting. What do you think about open cabinetry?

Open cabinetsImage from Southern Living

Open cabinetsImage from Coastal Living

Open cabinetsImage from House Beautiful

Open cabinetsImage from House Beautiful

Ceiling Color

Look up. Literally. What do you see? When the majority of us look up we see plain, white, standard ceilings. When designing a room, the ceiling is often neglected, but they shouldn’t be. Painting the ceiling of your space enhances and completes your design.  Choose the dominant color in your room, or one that was used to accent and give your ceiling some color. Have fun with it by choosing a glossy paint, one that is pearlized or even lacquered. Call us today to help bring your ceiling color ideas to life.

Room with painted ceilingRoom with painted ceiling

Room with painted ceilingRoom with painted ceiling

Room with painted ceilingImages from Belle Maison

All White Everything

If you are considering redecorating for summer, in addition to all the bright colors floating around throw in white. White walls, white furniture, white lamps—all white everything. White is just as bright as any summer color and it will make your room seem clean, cool and crisp. Your white interiors will also attract amazing summer sunlight and make your space seem bigger. Check out these beautifully design white rooms and call us to being planning your all white everything space.

White living roomImage from Coastal Living

White kitchenImage from Country Living

White bedroomImage from Elle Decor

White bedroomImage from Apartment Therapy

Switch Up The Seating

While churning our design wheel, we realized how much we love the idea of unconventional dining room seating. Last Tuesday, our post Beach Blues showed a dining room with contemporary sofas as the seating. The sofas brought a different level of comfort to the room while maintaining the formal mood. In addition to using unconventional seating, mixing various types of seating will allow you to please more than one of your design ideas. Having a bench, a chair or two and a sofa all within your desired color palette brings personality and texture to your room. You can even pick the different seating based on your family member’s preferences. As long as there are common elements among each piece, your room will flow perfectly. Call us today so we can help you switch up your dining room seating!

Dining room with mixed seating

Dining room with with mixed seating

Dining room with mixed seating

Fruit and Flowers

Yes fruit has been placed in vases before, so I am not going to tell you to place a couple pieces of fruit alone in a vase for a modern look. Instead, I am going to help you take your fresh floral arrangement up a notch to brighten and liven up your space. Since you need water for fresh flowers anyways, add some fruit  to brighten the bottom of the vases (the picture displays lemons and oranges). I suggest adding the fruit first so you won’t have to worry about the water overflowing. Toss in your fresh flowers and voila, you have a unique bright mix of fruit with your arrangement.

Vase with flowers and fruits

Beach Blues

Before you even hit the beach this summer, bring it home to your dining room. When we first saw this photo the first thing that caught our eye was of course the brilliant blues. Each shade brings about a different thought. The candles reminded us of the little blue Tiffany&Co. box in different hues. The turquoise of the chairs (how modern and elegant to use sofas as dining room seating!) and sea foam place settings make us think of the water at a tropical beach. This design incorporates shades of blues showcasing how everything doesn’t have to be matchy-matchy. The green printed wall paper creates a beautiful contrast along with the gold of the mirror. What do you think of this design?

Dining room with turquoise decor

Island Style

Typically you can find kitchen islands in majority of today’s newer homes. Many people are even remodeling and adding islands to their kitchens. With the high demand, islands can be found to match every personality and design theme. If you prefer intricate crown molding, you can have what is already displayed throughout your home incorporated into your island. It can be simple, detailed, modern, rustic and whatever else imaginable. You can even have your island flow into a bar, seating area or  have extra cabinetry for storage. With the endless options, here are a few unique island styles we like.

Kitchen Island