Why hire a professional?

As a professional designer, I follow other professionals in the design industry’s blogs and articles on interior design.  One of my favorite writers is Maria Killam.  I follow Maria’s blog, as I respect her and much of what she has done in the design industry.

I feel she is right on target with her latest blog post on “How Do I Know What My Style Is?” I love this question from one of her readers…as it is one that I get from my clients as well.

Her answer is perfect, and well said… (I couldn’t say it better myself.) …there is a reason one hires a professional for advice in every category of their life.

When you are tackling the interior of your home there is no difference.  Mistakes are costly.  I value the experts who have invested in the time, energy and education to become experts in their field of study.  Interior designers are no different, and finding a good one, is a treasure.

Click here to read Maria’s blog post on the subject.


Decorative Touch

3 Inspiring Rooms with Color

The beginning of a new year is a great time to step up the style in your house. Interior design in 2013 is all about using color to brighten up your home. If you’ve shied away from color in the past, now’s the time to step out of your comfort zone and discover how great it feels to have a room pop with color. Here are a few places to start.

  • A billiard room is already fun, so it’s a great place to play with color. Let the centerpiece of the room — the pool table — set the tone for everything from the walls to the carpet. Let the classic burgundy tabletop play stunningly into upholstered walls, stunning club chairs and patterned carpet.
  • When you gather around the table to enjoy a delicious meal, you want the atmosphere to match the occasion. In the dining room, create that warm feeling with rich golds and browns on Parisian chairs, an elegant mirror, a classic chandelier and hard-wood flooring. Balance out the room with a cooler shade of cream on the walls and window panels.
  • Another room where neutrals work well is the den, a room made for relaxation. Boost the subtlety of the color palate by using exciting patterns on the window panels, carpet and throw pillows.

To revamp your home’s style for the new year contact The Decorative Touch .

Source: TraditionalHome.com.

Decorative Touch

4 Things to Consider in the Kitchen

It’s inevitable; whether simply you and your family catching up after a busy day or a large group of friends over for a party, people tend to gather in the kitchen. So why settle for a boring, run-of-the-mill design? Here are some easy ways to step up the look of your kitchen.

Decorative Touch

Image via Pinterest

  • The pantry is often a cluttered, catch-all mess, but by taking a little time to use matching containers and keep things organized, you’ll want to leave the pantry door open to show off this beautiful space.
  • Remove some upper cabinet doors to create showcase space for your beautiful dishes, whether a group of matching antique mugs or stunning modern plates.
  • Get organized by painting over part of your pantry door with chalkboard paint to create a visible and easily accessible spot to keep notes and make grocery lists.
  • Granite countertops are a winner because of their classic look and durability. You can make them fit the style of your kitchen by using different cuts on the edges, like playing to a modern room with a straight edge.
  • Deep, oversized sinks work well in kitchens with limited counter space as you can keep dirty dishes and prep items out of the way until it’s time for cleanup.

For help creating a new interior design in your kitchen call The Decorative Touch  today!

Remodeling Ideas

Great Ideas for Kitchen Lighting

Although it can be an easy element to overlook, lighting sets the mood in a room. While there are many tried and true lighting options, consider taking a step back to consider more unique and impressive lighting options for your home.

Remodeling Ideas

Image via Pinterest

  • Over a kitchen island or large dining room table, nothing quite beats a chandelier. While the style options are endless, make sure to go with one that matches up nicely to the size of the island or table over which it will hang. You don’t want to keep any dinner guests in the dark!
  • Industrial lighting goes well with clean, utilitarian kitchens and really grabs your eye. Mount an industrial sconce on each side of your sink as functional statement pieces.
  • For the ultimate unique lighting experience, go vintage. Elegant and ornate pendants can beautifully highlight any room of the house

While lighting fixtures throughout your house don’t need to — and shouldn’t — all be exactly the same, ensure they work in harmony. If you have an open floorplan or certain rooms that naturally flow together, make sure fixtures line up and have similar styles.

Here at The Decorative Touch  we have been creating beautiful Kansas City interior design for nearly 30 years. Contact us today to start elevating your home’s style.

For more kitchen lighting tips, visit HouseBeautiful.com.

emerald green bedroom

A New Color for a New Year!

Now that Christmas has come and gone, 2013 is on the horizon and it looks as if the color of the year will be Emerald Green, according to Pantone.

Now before you say you are not a fan of green, this is not your ordinary run of the mill green. Emerald green could be classified as a royal hue. It can be sleek and add a perfect shine to your interiors, or you can choose to go with a deep shade that adds a touch of distinction.

Emerald green living room

Photo via adelightfuldesign.com


emerald green drapes

Photo via simpleeverydayglamour.blogspot.com


emerald green bedroom

Photo via redesignrevolution.com

Where can you see a touch of Emerald green in your Kansas City home?


HB kitchen island with stools

Great Updates for A 21st Century Family Kitchen

Four of the hottest trends in Kansas City interior design focuses in on the family kitchen.

HB kitchen island with stoolsWide comfortable stools offer great seating in the modern kitchen. Stools made of hickory with a curved upholstery seat tuck neatly under any island. The stools make eating at the island easy as well as providing seating for casual conversation when someone is cooking.

HB Behind backsplash storageHave you ever thought of tucking things behind a moving backsplash? Adding a television to the kitchen offers entertainment options even when people are cooking. Placing it behind the stove covered by a moving backsplash provides an ingenious option for hiding and protecting it at the same time. This sliding backsplash is a great place to hide other things.

TH hiding appiances behind doorHiding appliances behind “garage” doors is an idea already used in many kitchens. However, automated garage doors is a new trend gaining popularity. The doors lift up to make access easy. Then a flick of the switch closes the doors and cleans up the kitchen.

TH tucked outletTucking outlets under the edge of the counter cleans up the backsplash. It is easy to access the inconspicuous plugs.The cords do not drape over work areas either.

If you need help putting these trends into your Kansas City area kitchen, contact The Decorative Touch.


Images: traditionalhome.com
Thanksgiving vignette

Great Holiday Rooms

Tis’ the season for great holiday design! There’s no need to let the kids have all the fun when decorating your Lenexa home. Whether your partial to the sparkle and glitz, or much prefer the soft and peaceful holiday scene, these holiday rooms are great inspiration  for a home filled with holiday cheer.


Thanksgiving dining room

Photo Credit: traditionalhome.com


Christmas table with wings on chair backs

Photo Credit: Laura Moss via countryliving.com


New Years Dining Room

Photo via blog.loulousdecor.com


Thanksgiving vignette

Photo Credit: sweetpickinsfurniture.com


Green and White Christmas living room

Photo via pinterest.com


Have a Happy Thanksgiving Day!

eclectic-kids room with teepee

Fun and Creative Ways to Design your Teen’s Room

It’s a fact that our teenagers can sometimes be the pickiest people in the world! However, that doesn’t mean you can’t work together to design the perfect fun and creative bedroom for your teen. Encourage your son or daughter with a room designed specifically for their interests and comfort. Take a look at a few creative ideas The Decorative Touch came across that could be the perfect design touch to get your teen excited about a room makeover.

eclectic-kids room with teepee

Photo via Houzz.com

What other teen in the neighborhood has a teepee as a cool reading spot or a place to relax and watch their favorite videos?



Photo via bilvil.com

Does your son have a love of eclectic music and urban flare? Try creating an urban bedroom that has a touch of musical inspiration.


Teen Girl corner office

Photo Credit: aldovega.com

Your daughter will love a beautiful corner office accented with decorative wallpaper and a funky designer chair.


teens room acFor those racing fans, this great teen boy’s room features eclectic racing art from Aaron Christensen.

 What great design ideas have you seen for a teen room makeover?

Country Home Open kitchen

Country Design Elements for a Quaint and Comfy Home

If you grew up in the country or have ever visited a quaint country setting, there is one element that is evident, a sense of familiar history. In today’s modern home, we have to be careful not to get too sucked into the idea that technology rules. Yes, it is wonderful to have a few modern conveniences in the home that make it more efficient and help it to run like a well-oiled machine. However, don’t give up those country touches that add the feeling of family, warmth, relaxation, and comfort to your home. Take a look at a few country elements that will bring in a touch of quaint and comfortable country living to your Kansas City home.

Furniture Style Kitchen Cabinetry

furniture style kitchen cabinetry

Photo Credit: bhg.com

Custom furniture style built-in cabinetry is wonderful for the kitchen. Not only does it create great looking storage, it gives your kitchen a classic farmhouse look.

 Vintage Furniture and Decor


Photo Credit: Lucas Allen via CountryLiving.com

A linen-upholstered antique armchair placed under a beautiful white cuckoo clock creates a great country-esque vignette for a modern home.


Add Rich Color

Country Home Open kitchen

Photo via Houzz.com

The glossy warm-colored hardwoods look great with the rich green cabinetry and high back arm chairs. This open kitchen space is warm, inviting, and charming, like a quaint country space should be.

How are you incorporating country style interiors into your Kansas City area home?




High Point Market orange

High Point Market Hot Colors Trends

Just a few weeks ago, the High Point Furniture Market featured many innovative furniture pieces and interesting designs that captured the look of 2012-2013’s hottest interior design trends.  Among these trends was an array of hot colors that took the ordinary to extraordinary. Take a look at a few great colors that were featured at the market.

Ice Blue

High Point Market blue

We still love bold blue, but now a fresher, ice blue is on the scene. Bright blues create a nice unexpected pop on free-standing cabinets and drawers.


High Point Market orange

For some orange can seem a little overpowering, however, the trick is to use it as an accent color then pair it with a few mixed neutrals.


High Point Market purplePurple was seen in all shades at the Market, from soft shades of lavender to neon purple, this color definitely will have a strong presence in 2013!

Are you interested in bringing more life to your Kansas City home with color? Contact The Decorative Touch Ltd. and visit our studio to see our wonderful furniture and accessory collections.


Source and Images:blog.hgtv.com