Glamorous Design Ideas for your Home Office

Given your busy lifestyle and the latest innovations in technology are you able to work from home a few days a week? As more people begin to take on work duties from their house home offices are on the rise. And we don’t just mean a room with a desk and a computer, but a completely functional and well designed office. You may not realize how important the design of your home office is until you try to working in one with completely bare walls, or better yet from the kitchen table. To keep you motivated and excited about working from home consider these glamorous home office design ideas…

  • Create an accent wall with the help of a decorative wallcovering, or bold paint color.
  • Include an equally stylish and comfortable office chair.
  • Use creative home accessories to store office supplies.
  • Use a chic desk lamp to provide task lighting.


Material Girls


The Design Fairy

After working for two different design centers for about 10 years, my small design business started right in my old dining room. I know first hand how important it is to stay focused on work even when “at home”. Creating your working world is incredibly important, and having everything at your fingertips is critical. It didn’t take long before my business expanded right into my living room as well, and then into my entire lower level…and then….into our current design studio.
The bottom line is surround yourself with what makes you happy, inspired, and organized. You really don’t know where you might go. Maybe you will find yourself expanding right out of your home as well! Give us a call at 913-888-1388 and let us create a chic home office space for you to work in.