In Shape With Your Decor

measuring tapeDoes your interior design make you eat more or less? According to Dr. Oz there are ways your home décor can help you stay in shape. Sounds too good to be true right?  Well Dr. Oz said it so we are going to keep an open mind. Try some of these home décor tips and see if they help you keep the pounds off this summer.

  • Open and Airy: Keeping the windows and shades in your home open this summer makes you indoor environment light, which will reduce your appetite.
  • Fruit on the table: Keeping a fruit centerpiece on your dining room table will help you lose an extra 5 pounds a month studies show. The sweet smell of flowers increases your appetite while fruit decreases it.
  • Opaque Dishes: Using opaque dishes reduces your appetite because you can not see through them.
  • Go Outside: People naturally eat less in the summer when its hotter outside. Sun light also decreases serotonin levels which reduces any depression or need for comfort foods.

In addition to these tips, remember to eat healthy and continue with your regular exercise routine.

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