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New Design Books offer Great Home Interior Inspiration

Just in time for the holidays (and, by extension, winter home projects and spring remodeling), a big batch of new home design books are just being released. These books are by and large very affordable, and chuck full of great ideas for remodeling your home in the Kansas City area.

American Beauty home design book
First on the list is American Beauty, published by Crown Publishing Group and written by Thom Filicia. This beautiful, artful book is half memoir and half decorating book.  Thomtakes you through every step of remodeling an older American home, and has created rooms that feel classic and modern at the same time.

Showhouses 3Part of an impressive continuing series, “Showhouses 3,” by Jeffrey B. Snyder, features more than two hundred color photos of recent interior designers’ contributions, which were showcased at Decorator Showhouse events around the U.S. The showhouses in this book offer several hundred design ideas, literally.

STUFFFinally we also like “STUFF,” a look inside the lives of passionate collectors. This very interesting read was penned by Carey Maloney, and comes with an interactive digital recognition technology, which lets you read deep into forty different topics, with cyberlinks to great museum collections.

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Where do you get your home interior design inspiration from?