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We’re sure your parents always told you to share, so when you see something you like on our blog go ahead and share it! Sharing an interesting post about the interior design industry or a kitchen design that takes your breath away is easy. Wondering how can you share posts from The Decorative Post? To help you spread the amazing interior designs found in our posts we are going to provide you with the steps:

  1. If you are not currently in the post you would like to share, click on the title or read more of the post.
  2. Once inside the post scroll down and locate the Share button.
  3. Click on or hoover you mouse over the share button until the list of shareable mediums is displayed.
  4. Choose the medium in which you want to share our post through and enter your login information if necessary.
  5. Depending on the medium click enter or share to send the post.

We thank you for reading our posts and hope whoever you share them with enjoys!