Entra: the New, High-End Online Shelter Magazine

It seems as though every other month there is news of a new online shelter magazine debuting, and once again there is a new kid on the block. However, it is different from the latest crop interior design magazines. Entra, the design + architecture magazine was not created by bloggers as were the most recent others. The staff at Entra is comprised of former print magazine editors and art directors, as well as design history experts from one of our favorite publications Architectural Digest.

It has a much more serious take on design and architecture than its counterparts, focusing on fine photography and high-end spaces that are ahead of the curve. And unlike the many other online magazines Entra will only be available to paid subscribers. To give you a preview of what’s in store the inaugural issue of Entra is free. Visit Entra Magazine to read the issue then come back and let us know what you think!

Images from Entra Magazine