Why hire a professional?

As a professional designer, I follow other professionals in the design industry’s blogs and articles on interior design.  One of my favorite writers is Maria Killam.  I follow Maria’s blog, as I respect her and much of what she has done in the design industry.

I feel she is right on target with her latest blog post on “How Do I Know What My Style Is?” I love this question from one of her readers…as it is one that I get from my clients as well.

Her answer is perfect, and well said… (I couldn’t say it better myself.) …there is a reason one hires a professional for advice in every category of their life.

When you are tackling the interior of your home there is no difference.  Mistakes are costly.  I value the experts who have invested in the time, energy and education to become experts in their field of study.  Interior designers are no different, and finding a good one, is a treasure.

Click here to read Maria’s blog post on the subject.


Design Your Room with Multiple Styles

Have you ever found yourself completely enamored with the look of traditional interior designs in your favorite shelter magazine and immediately decided that you would have your room decorated just like them, only to turn the page and fall head over heels in love with a modern design? If you find yourself coveting the looks of various design styles we want you to know that you can in fact have your cake and eat it too. By infusing multiples styles you can please both of your interior design tastes while creating a unique space.

We found a beautiful example on coco+kelley of a room that features traditional and modern elements. Together the styles create a colorful space that still manages to exude an air of elegance. Take a look at the design and let us know your thoughts.

Images from coco+kelley

The contemporary art piece clearly is the defining element of this room. This is such a great presentation of how just one gorgeous and fun piece of artwork can set the entire tone and mood for the whole space.  It might strike your fancy, or you may look for you personal inspiration elsewhere, but the concept of just one great piece is surely shown in this fresh and whimsical space.

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