Eddie Ross Christmas living room

Quick Holiday Decor Tips

Eddie Ross Christmas living room

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With the holidays fast approaching, The Decorative Touch would like to assist in giving you the least stressful holiday planning with these four quick tips below.

1. Don’t overdo it. I don’t encourage the use of too many bells and whistles; things that match and “go together” are comfortable on the eyes – too many contrasting colors does just the opposite.

2. Things in the open are often forgotten. The term “hiding in plain sight” is one of my favorites, and it can apply to home decorating. Windows are often overlooked because some think there’s not much you can do with them. On the contrary, windows can carry wreaths and other plants, supported by adhesive hooks.

3. Don’t ignore other flowers. Poinsettias are a common and overused flower on holidays. White amaryllis can be an alternative that truly stands out.

4. Keep the color wheels spinning. If you have contrasting colors, put a green and blue throw or rug nearby, to keep your design consistent.

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Christmas Decorations in Dining Room

Color Coordinating for Holiday Decorating

If you have not already started, now is the time to get those holiday decorations up in your Kansas City home. You probably have your staple traditional items that must go up like the wreaths, candelabras, lights, candles, and such. Right after the Thanksgiving holiday is when the Christmas decorations are ready for placement. It’s safe to say that with the Christmas holiday, we tend to let our children ‘run wild’ with the decorations. But this year, try a different approach. It’s easier than you think to create a beautiful holiday decorated home that is perfectly sophisticated for adults and absolutely enjoyable for the kids. The trick is in the colors.


Use Complementary Colors

Complementary colors christmas tree

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Take a look at the sparkling jewel tone decorations. The jade and purple complement the  green of the tasseled velvet sofa quite nicely.


 Green and Gold

Christmas Decorations in Dining Room

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Green and gold are a great color combo for a grand traditional dining room. Take special note of the gold ribbon and greenery hanging from the chandeliers.


Solid Color Christmas Lights

solid color christmas lights

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White Christmas lights are great for keeping the home festive as well as color coordinated! We know the kids love the multi-colored lights, but hang those outside or in their bedroom instead.

What are your favorite holiday colors?


Elegant Silver and Gold Hoilday Decor

With Thanksgiving recently passing, Christmas knocking on the door and New Years right around the corner all we can think about is gorgeous holiday decor, but can you  blame us? The holiday season is always an exciting time to decorate. There are so many different color combinations to explore and decorative items to experiment with. The interior design of any space can be transformed for the holidays with the right decorative touch.

Right now we are are completely in love with the classic and elegant look of silver and gold holiday decor. We found a gorgeous design on Style at Home that we can’t stop looking at. The simplicity of silver and gold paired together creates just the right amount of sparkle. We love the clean lines of this design and how well it contrasts with the various types of texture. Take a look at this interior design of silver and gold holiday decor and let us know what you think!

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