Eddie Ross Christmas living room

Quick Holiday Decor Tips

Eddie Ross Christmas living room

Photo Credit: countryliving.com

With the holidays fast approaching, The Decorative Touch would like to assist in giving you the least stressful holiday planning with these four quick tips below.

1. Don’t overdo it. I don’t encourage the use of too many bells and whistles; things that match and “go together” are comfortable on the eyes – too many contrasting colors does just the opposite.

2. Things in the open are often forgotten. The term “hiding in plain sight” is one of my favorites, and it can apply to home decorating. Windows are often overlooked because some think there’s not much you can do with them. On the contrary, windows can carry wreaths and other plants, supported by adhesive hooks.

3. Don’t ignore other flowers. Poinsettias are a common and overused flower on holidays. White amaryllis can be an alternative that truly stands out.

4. Keep the color wheels spinning. If you have contrasting colors, put a green and blue throw or rug nearby, to keep your design consistent.

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