Janine’s Tip of the Week #10: Area Rugs

It seems like lately I have been asked how to transform a space with a reasonable investment.  Well,  given the economy that is certainly understandable.  If you have good “bones” in your space, you might consider a great new area rug.  Often that is the one piece to the puzzle that is transforming and will give you the “wow” you were looking for that can change everything. If you are at the luxury of starting your design project then I suggest you begin with the area rug. Area rugs ground an entire space and add texture, color, and pattern. They tend to give the entire space the much needed connection that was once lacking. It can set the stage for the rest of the  pieces  and help you select the wallcovering, furniture, fixtures, drapery and accessories. Area rugs truly are a great accent to any room…living, dining, hearth, and bedrooms.  I might suggest a few favorites that we carry in our showroom:  Jaunty Rug Company, Feizy Rugs, and Davis and Davis Rugs.  Happy rug shopping…as always, we are here to help!
Jaunty Rug

Jaunty rug

Feizy Rug

Feizy rug

Davis & Davis Rug

Davis & Davis rug

Images of rugs from Jaunty, Feizy Rugs and Davis&Davis Rugs.