Why hire a professional?

As a professional designer, I follow other professionals in the design industry’s blogs and articles on interior design.  One of my favorite writers is Maria Killam.  I follow Maria’s blog, as I respect her and much of what she has done in the design industry.

I feel she is right on target with her latest blog post on “How Do I Know What My Style Is?” I love this question from one of her readers…as it is one that I get from my clients as well.

Her answer is perfect, and well said… (I couldn’t say it better myself.) …there is a reason one hires a professional for advice in every category of their life.

When you are tackling the interior of your home there is no difference.  Mistakes are costly.  I value the experts who have invested in the time, energy and education to become experts in their field of study.  Interior designers are no different, and finding a good one, is a treasure.

Click here to read Maria’s blog post on the subject.


Coconut Grove

Tip of the Week #18: Norwalk Furniture 2011 Color Trends

As the year is fast approaching its closing I am sure you all are wondering whats in store for 2011, well…

Norwalk Furniture, an American made upholstery line has just sent me their newest samples of color trends for 2011 and they are wonderful!!  I had the opportunity to visit the factory last Spring and wow did I learn some things about how hard the folks who make our fine furniture really do work. And not to mention the time and attention they put into every detail!
So yes, I do recommend Norwalk and I love that they are fabricating right here in the USA.

The new Collections for the coming year are:

  1. Brittany Cottage:  The appeal of the natural weaves of grayed-down base colors that conjure memories of simpler times.  Paired with sky blues, charcoals, and deep reds, all french inspired, the Brittany Cottage Collection creates a casual approach to carefree living!
  2. City Lights:  Imagine the views from your penthouse apartment–blue gray clouds, or “vapor” as Candice Olson calls it, coordinated with rich velvets, soft wools, and highly textured foundation cloths in nutty tones.  While dove grays play a complementary role, the addition of green-cast golds adds a subtle punch to this sophisticated pallet.
  3. Coconut Grove:  You will see just a bit more upscale with this tropical, yet sophisticated twist that would make it in almost any coastal environment.  While green shades of palm abound, colorful prints and bold stripes anchor this great look.
  4. Highlands Manor:  Inspired by the warm hues of the Scottish highlands, this collection is a lively mix of traditional and timeless menswear plaids, leathers, and rich velvets.  Stripes and feathers, paisleys, and hounds tooth all reflect the heritage of quality in this look.

Another thing I love about Norwalk Furniture is the interactive on-line catalog. You might like to take a peak and see what you can create, try it out at
Enjoy!  Janine

Norwalk Furniture Highlands Manor

Highlands Manor

Norwalk FUrniture City Lights

City Lights

Coconut Grove

Coconut Grove

Norwalk Furniture Brittany Cottage

Brittany Cottage

room with with animal prints

Exotic and Chic Animal Prints

It’s true, if used incorrectly animals prints on multiple large surfaces can immediately make a room appear tacky. If used correctly, sparingly throughout, the look will not only be exotic but very chic. We found some interior designs on ELLE Decor that used animal print perfectly. The prints are either on the floor, as upholstery for a few pieces of furniture or the throw pillows. The key to keeping the look elegant is to use prints on a few small pieces, or one large piece such as a rug or carpeting— but never all together. What do you think of the designs, are they exotic and chic?

room with with animal printsroom with with animal printsroom with with animal printsroom with with animal printsroom with with animal printsroom with with animal printsImages by Simon Upton for ELLE DOCOR

rustic headboard

Have Sweet Dreams with a Rustic Headboard

Your bedroom is your personal retreat, a tranquil place for you to escape at the end of the day and you want to make sure your decor reflects that. The style of the decor in your room, especially the bed will affect your mood and how easily you can relax. What could be more relaxing than the feel of a lived-in country cottage? Rustic headboards give off a soothing charm and inviting look as the perfect place to have sweet dreams. What do you think of these rustic headboard designs? Do they make you want to climb in the bed for relaxing nap?

rustic headboardrustic headboardrustic headboardrustic headboardImages from houzz

Martyn Lawrence-Bullard interior design

Designer to the Stars: Martyn Lawrence-Bullard

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a celebrity clientele? However, I hope that my clients feel as though I do treat them like “stars”.  They all mean just as much to me!  And I know for those of you who have followed my blog, you know it’s so very important to me that your home reflects you, and that your designer be conscience of your personal taste.  I do think one of Martyn Lawrence-Bullard strong points is that he does get into the homeowners personality and reflect that in his design work. BRAVO!  Take a peek at some of his amazing work…

For Tamara Mellon

Martyn Lawrence-Bullard interior design

For Tamara MellonMartyn Lawrence-Bullard interior design

For Cher and Cheryl TiegMartyn Lawrence-Bullard interior design

For Kid RockMartyn Lawrence-Bullard interior design

For Ellen PompeoMartyn Lawrence-Bullard interior design

Images from shelterpop

Room designed by Nate Berkus

Nate Berkus on Daytime TV

If you watch Oprah and love interior design then you know who Nate Berkus is. The brilliant interior designer who got his big break on Oprah will begin hosting his own syndicated show today. Nate The Nate Berkus Show will feature interior design but it goes beyond that touching on lifestyle and living well overall. Today’s show will kick off with Berkus surprising a single mother with a kitchen makeover. Tune in to your local station and let us know what you think about Berkus’ show, we’ll be watching. Check here for local listings.

A Chicago apartment designed by Berkus.

Room designed by Nate BerkusRoom designed by Nate BerkusRoom designed by Nate Berkus

Room designed by Nate BerkusRoom designed by Nate BerkusPhotos by Peter Estersohn for ELLE Decor

C.R. Laine show room

Tip of the Week #15: Wall Art

Another great way to display a collection of art is to anchor it on either side of a beautiful bombe chest.  This photo is from a new collection from C.R. Laine furniture and was on display at the spring furniture market. I loved how the artwork really helped make the room setting shine.

Accessories and art are the final touches that make all the difference in a room scene. At The Decorative Touch we do all the final touches for you so you can relax! Why not just leave the key under the mat and come home to a beautiful, finished living space you will love to show all your neighbors. Get ready, the holidays are just around the corner.


C.R. Laine show room

Dining On Crystals

You love luxury, bling and a nice set of china right? Combine them and you have the Prouna Jewel Collection- luxury, dishwasher safe, chinaware adorned with Swarovski crystals. The bone china dinner and tableware come in various crystal-bonded designs. We think this china would look stunning as your dining room table place settings,  in your china cabinet, or as a centerpiece. Just imagine how the light would reflect off the Swarovski crystals during your dinner party. We are completely in love, take a look for yourself. What do you think, would you mind a little crystal bling to go along with your formal china?

Prouna Jewel Collection chinaProuna Jewel Collection chinaProuna Jewel Collection chinaProuna Jewel Collection chinaProuna Jewel Collection chinaProuna Jewel Collection chinaImages from if it’s hip, it’s here

To see more of the luxury china visit PROUNA

All White in Every Room

Yes, we already posted about all white rooms, but in this house every room is white. All white never really goes out of style and it always looks so clean and crisp.  And of course we are completely in love with color, but white is so classic. Enough gushing and obsessing take a look for yourself and tell us what you think? Very different from our previous post, more simplistic, homey and lived-in, but just as chic right?Nantucket home with white furnishingsNantucket home with white furnishingsNantucket home with white furnishingsNantucket home with white furnishingsNantucket home with white furnishingsNantucket home with white furnishingsImages from COCOCOZY

Tip of the Week #13: Complete with a Lamp

LampDo you feel like there is just something missing from your room? You can’t quite put your finger on it, but for some reason it doesn’t feel complete. Chances are you’re right, and that finishing touch is a lamp. Adding lighting to your room is one of the most important factors to completing a room. Lamps serve two very distinct functions—to illuminate and decorate.

When choosing the finishing touch for your room the function and style must be taken into consideration. You don’t want a well lit room that doesn’t match your decor. Accent or desk lamps should be used in areas with other focal points because they cast light downward. Table and floor lamps cast warm light which are inviting for multiple situations. And for drama, torchiers should be used because they shine light upward to bounce off the ceiling and wall.

After you figure out what function your lamp will serve you can choose the style. Keep it consistent with what you already have in the room so the design flows. Lamps come in every style so you are sure to find something that fits.

Once you have it place it, plug it in and enjoy the illumination and decoration!