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Tip of the Week #18: Norwalk Furniture 2011 Color Trends

As the year is fast approaching its closing I am sure you all are wondering whats in store for 2011, well…

Norwalk Furniture, an American made upholstery line has just sent me their newest samples of color trends for 2011 and they are wonderful!!  I had the opportunity to visit the factory last Spring and wow did I learn some things about how hard the folks who make our fine furniture really do work. And not to mention the time and attention they put into every detail!
So yes, I do recommend Norwalk and I love that they are fabricating right here in the USA.

The new Collections for the coming year are:

  1. Brittany Cottage:  The appeal of the natural weaves of grayed-down base colors that conjure memories of simpler times.  Paired with sky blues, charcoals, and deep reds, all french inspired, the Brittany Cottage Collection creates a casual approach to carefree living!
  2. City Lights:  Imagine the views from your penthouse apartment–blue gray clouds, or “vapor” as Candice Olson calls it, coordinated with rich velvets, soft wools, and highly textured foundation cloths in nutty tones.  While dove grays play a complementary role, the addition of green-cast golds adds a subtle punch to this sophisticated pallet.
  3. Coconut Grove:  You will see just a bit more upscale with this tropical, yet sophisticated twist that would make it in almost any coastal environment.  While green shades of palm abound, colorful prints and bold stripes anchor this great look.
  4. Highlands Manor:  Inspired by the warm hues of the Scottish highlands, this collection is a lively mix of traditional and timeless menswear plaids, leathers, and rich velvets.  Stripes and feathers, paisleys, and hounds tooth all reflect the heritage of quality in this look.

Another thing I love about Norwalk Furniture is the interactive on-line catalog. You might like to take a peak and see what you can create, try it out at
Enjoy!  Janine

Norwalk Furniture Highlands Manor

Highlands Manor

Norwalk FUrniture City Lights

City Lights

Coconut Grove

Coconut Grove

Norwalk Furniture Brittany Cottage

Brittany Cottage