Blue and White Dish Decor

We’ve all visited a friend’s house or passed through the fine china section of a department store and gushed over the classic blue and white china. If you’ve been contemplating adding the timeless dinnerware to your home now is the time. The classic blue and white color combination is heavily in demand and probably not in the way you think. Instead of displaying your dishes in a china cabinet decorate your home with them.

By displaying the dishes whose colors represent the serene sky and sea throughout your home you can bring in a true feeling of warmth and comfort. You can arrange the dishes in a mosaic to be featured on the wall or as part of a vignette to be displayed on your coffee or entryway table. Not crazy about the idea of using dishes to decorate? Take the design and color of the dishes and translate them into your room instead. Check out these examples and let us know what you think!

Images from shelterpop