Gossip Girl interior design

Gossip Girl’s Gorgeous Interior Design

Do you, your daughter or someone you know stay glued in front of the TV when Gossip Girl is on? For four seasons Gossip Girl has detailed the always interesting and entertaining lives of a few privileged high school students on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. Each week viewers are taken on a ride through their drama filled lives, and beautifully designed rooms. Just as the hit show has an abundance of designer clothes, it has just as much gorgeous interior design. The set of the show showcases various different settings from each character’s home, all designed by Christina Tonkin.

The interior designs are just as unique as each characters personality. The designs of the sets include: rock and roll, preppy, modern, boho chic and contemporary to name a few. As they are incredibly stylish, the interior designs also accommodate different lifestyles. The interior design of your home should be equally functional for your lifestyle and beautiful. Have you noticed the interior design on the set of Gossip Girl? If so, leave a comment stating your favorite!

Gossip Girl interior designGossip Girl interior designGossip Girl interior designGossip Girl interior designImages by Malchus Janocko for Gossip Girl