Keeping Up Custom Upholstery


Interior design by The Decorative Touch

If you are in the market for a new interior design for any room in your home you may end up with custom upholstery. Using custom upholstery is beneficial because it it specially created for you and your furnishings, and it will be unique to only your home. While custom upholstery is an amazing addition to the design of your room, it’s important to remember it will need special care. If you are investing in well worth, quality upholstery you want to take any and every precaution to preserve and keep it clean. Consider these tips for Keeping up custom upholstery:

  • Choose cautiously. When working with your designer be sure to define your lifestyle so that the fabric chosen is a reflection of it.
  • Avoid the sun. Be sure you keep all your furniture that features custom upholstery away from direct sun to avoid the fabric fading.
  • Fluff and flip. Depending on how much use your cushions endure, vacuum, fluff, flip, and rotate them regularly to even out wear and fading.
  • Clean spills quickly. If an accident occurs on your upholstery clean it quickly by blotting the stain with a clean, white clot. Rubbing may damage the texture of the fabric.
  • Proper placement. Create places for  guests to sit food and drinks on side cocktail tables with coasters
  • Call the professionals. Have professionals give your custom upholstery a deep cleaning once every or two years

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Tips adapted from ShelterPop