Predicted Color Trends for 2012

It’s only September, but Sherwin-Williams has already come out with its color forecast for next year. Curious which shades will be in vogue in 2012? The Sherwin Williams Director of Color Marketing, Jackie Jordan, had this to say:

“Colors that are analogous, or adjacent on the color wheel, are a dominant trend. We discover a fresh array of combinations within color families—be it fiery reds, watery blues, grassy greens or organic neutrals.”

The colors featured in the Sherwin-Williams colormix™ 2012 forecast are sorted by the color families she mentioned above—neutrals, reds, blues and greens. All four of the palettes relate back to nature.

The neutrals tie in with materials like wood, grain and stones, and the reds relate to fire and fresh flower blooms. The blues have a clear tie-in with water, as do the greens, which also refer to gardens and forests. Visit to see the 10 shades in each color family.

I love attending the color forecast seminar that Sherwin Williams puts on here in Kansas City for the design community. Just like you, we interior designers sit on the edge of our seats and wonder what’s going to be the “hot” new thing for the next season!

Jackie Jordon is amazing; not only does she give us great insight, but her presentations are always inspiring and uplifting, allowing designers to leave her seminars with a feeling of excitement for the new season. It’s kinda like getting to open a new “present” at Christmas for those of us who work with color!  I hope you see something that inspires YOU with the upcoming trends in color — remember, paint is a reasonable way to change the entire mood of a room. Enjoy!

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