Alexander McQueen Dining Room Inspiration

Have you ever spotted an amazing article of clothing that instantly made you want to decorate you home around it? Fashion and interior design intermingle more often than one would think. San Francisco designer John Bradfield recently created a table design that was inspired by the late, great fashion designer Alexander McQueen. Bradfield specifically mimicked his tablesetting after a dress in McQueen’s 2006 Fall/Winter runway show. To bring intimacy to the table and room he used a dark color palette throughout, which also brought about a mysterious and elegant feel.

Although luxurious, with just a hint of mystery Bradfield still found a way to incorporate the nature found in the accessories of McQueen’s runway show. The centerpiece was the main element inspired by McQueen. Bradfield used 350 carnations to replicate the look of McQueen’s dress. He also included a collection of butterflies at each place setting along with hand painted nature scenes on the ghost chairs. What do you think of the Alexander McQueen inspired tablesetting?

alexander mcqueen tablesettingalexander mcqueen tablesettingalexander mcqueen tablesettingalexander mcqueen tablesettingalexander mcqueen tablesettingImages from casasugar