Unique Ways to Add Portraits and Painting in the Home

Unique Ways to Add Portraits and Paintings in the Home

When you think of adding a family portrait to your home, you typically envision a large painting above the fireplace. But there’s more than one way to include this classic tradition. We are urging you to think of the new way to add paintings and portraits to your home.

For instance, pillows are an avant-garde way to add the feel of paintings throughout the home. This way, including paintings becomes much more versatile, with the idea lending itself to the the traditional living room scenario but also in places such as on top of your bed, in a chair, or on a sofa.

Unique Ways to Add Portraits and Painting in the Home

Also, portraits can travel with you as a tote bag, and when you come home, you can leave the bag hanging on a hook to display the painting when you are not using it. Be open to putting portraits on accent pieces, such as ceramic jars and throws for the sofa.

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Photos: Decor8.com