Unique Ways to Add Portraits and Painting in the Home

Unique Ways to Add Portraits and Paintings in the Home

When you think of adding a family portrait to your home, you typically envision a large painting above the fireplace. But there’s more than one way to include this classic tradition. We are urging you to think of the new way to add paintings and portraits to your home.

For instance, pillows are an avant-garde way to add the feel of paintings throughout the home. This way, including paintings becomes much more versatile, with the idea lending itself to the the traditional living room scenario but also in places such as on top of your bed, in a chair, or on a sofa.

Unique Ways to Add Portraits and Painting in the Home

Also, portraits can travel with you as a tote bag, and when you come home, you can leave the bag hanging on a hook to display the painting when you are not using it. Be open to putting portraits on accent pieces, such as ceramic jars and throws for the sofa.

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3 Big Trends in Home Decor

Are you wondering what’s going on in the world of interior design? An array of new home furnishing products were introduced at the recent High Point Market, an important industry trade show. We were very excited to see the “Fall/Winter 2011 Market Style Report,” which includes information on all the latest trends in design. Here are a few of the big home decorating trends you should know about (interestingly, many of these are also big right now in fashion design):

  • Furniture and accessories are putting a modern spin on older styles, including glam Hollywood, midcentury modern and Venetian
  • Circular patterns are big, as are those resembling latticework
  • All shades of metallics are gaining traction, adding subtle sparkle to home decor

Visit the High Point Market website to learn more. Which of these interior design trends are you most excited about? Leave a comment to let us know—we’d love to hear from you!

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Designing the perfect Thanksgiving table

With Thanksgiving less than a week away, you likely have your plans all set. Maybe you are heading out of town (lucky you!) and someone else will be doing the cooking. But if you are in charge of the meal this year, you are probably starting to wrap up all of those last few to dos and are making a few of those important last-minute meal decisions like should I brine the turkey or baste? Scalloped or mashed potatoes? Pumpkin or Pecan pie? Hey, it’s hard choosing this time a year!

One thing that may be last on your list is table design. It’s easy to just throw on the same old table cloth, add a few candles, and call it done. But why not do something a little different this year that will surprise your guests? While you might be a little hesitant to try and pull off something too extravagant, you really don’t have to go overboard with the design. In fact, some of the best tablescapes are simple (you pretty much already know the color scheme) but it’s the details, like these adorable pinecone place cards, that can make the biggest impression. Just look at how the pumpkins in the image below make quite a visual statement.

Photo by Amanda Parker and family

There is nothing like Thanksgiving to make me take note of all the wonderful blessings in my life.  First and foremost, my children, as they are blossoming into adults; I grow more proud of them daily and enjoy spending as much time with them as they will allow!  My own family, as God has blessed me to be born into a richness of caring and loving people.  My career, which is ever changing, ever challenging, but the most rewarding and fulfilling place to spend my days.  And of course, my clients…for without you, I would not grow, learn and succeed.  You are the reason I do what I do, and I love my job.  Thank you all for your support!  I wish you all a very Happy Thanksgiving Day…

It’s all about family, friends, great food, and finding time to stop and treasure our blessings….Thank YOU!

A Look at the Future of American Home Design

Luxurious bathrooms are on the rise.

Wonderful design blog The Editor at Large recently reported on the findings of the “2020 Crystal Ball Survey” by the International Furnishings and Design Association, which revealed a picture of the normal American home as it’s expected look in the year 2020. Many noteworthy trends emerged, offering an interesting perspective of how home design will evolve over the next nine years. Expectations include:

  • American homes will continue to get smaller.
  • Formal living rooms and formal dining rooms likely won’t be part of future American homes, as people opt for multi-functional spaces like the eat-in kitchen.
  • Bathrooms will become more luxurious with products like fancy fixtures and spa baths.
  • Home automation will become more popular, including high-tech lighting and audio/video systems.

Interested in other predictions for American homes in 2020? Visit The Editor at Large to learn more about the survey’s results.

Photo: Design by The Decorative Touch

Trends in New American Style for 2011

It’s safe to say that the American style of interiors has evolved over the years in an extremely good way. Whether discussing the design in the kitchen or the family gathering room the new American style is much more relaxed, inviting and personal while continuing to exude a simple elegance. A group of designers recently sat down and shared their take on the top trends in new American style for 2011 with House Beautiful and they came up with…

Using bold colors to freshen traditional furniture.

Livable great rooms that are both open and intimate.

Dining alcoves for gatherings that are cozy and dressed-up.

Mixing multiple design styles together in one space.

Modern interiors that also feature the look of a soft design.Images from House Beautiful

Which of the new American Styles would you like to see in your home? To begin designing and planning your new American style interiors call The decorative Touch at 913-888-1388.