A Look at the Future of American Home Design

Luxurious bathrooms are on the rise.

Wonderful design blog The Editor at Large recently reported on the findings of the “2020 Crystal Ball Survey” by the International Furnishings and Design Association, which revealed a picture of the normal American home as it’s expected look in the year 2020. Many noteworthy trends emerged, offering an interesting perspective of how home design will evolve over the next nine years. Expectations include:

  • American homes will continue to get smaller.
  • Formal living rooms and formal dining rooms likely won’t be part of future American homes, as people opt for multi-functional spaces like the eat-in kitchen.
  • Bathrooms will become more luxurious with products like fancy fixtures and spa baths.
  • Home automation will become more popular, including high-tech lighting and audio/video systems.

Interested in other predictions for American homes in 2020? Visit The Editor at Large to learn more about the survey’s results.

Photo: Design by The Decorative Touch