5 Bathroom Trends for 2013

If you are looking to remodel your bathroom and are in the need of some stylish yet functional interior design ideas, then check out the following 5 bathroom trends that are expected to be popular in 2013.

  1. Stripes – Bathrooms tend to be very static, which is why the use of stripes on the wall can help to add a graphic design element. Stripes in particular help to bring pattern and movement to the space without making it seem cluttered.
  2. Hidden Medicine Cabinets – Medicine cabinets have always been a fixture in most bathrooms; however, homeowners are choosing to hide them behind mirrors to make them blend into the bathroom better. This is an excellent example of a design element providing both style and function.
  3. Bathroom Fireplace –You don’t often see a fireplace in the bathroom, which is why it would make such a unique addition. Just imagine taking a bath with a fireplace in the same room. It can’t get much comfortable and inviting than that!
  4. Vintage Dresser – Use a vintage dresser as a master bath vanity. You can even have it fit with drop in sinks.
  5. Pebbled Floors – The use of a pebbled floor gives the bathroom a feel of a spa. The pebbled texture will help give a therapeutic or relaxing feel to your feet.

Any of these five elements that are expected to trend next year will make a fantastic addition to your bathroom, so call The Decorative Touch at 913-888-1388 to begin planning your design.

Image: House Beautiful