Christmas Decorations in Dining Room

Color Coordinating for Holiday Decorating

If you have not already started, now is the time to get those holiday decorations up in your Kansas City home. You probably have your staple traditional items that must go up like the wreaths, candelabras, lights, candles, and such. Right after the Thanksgiving holiday is when the Christmas decorations are ready for placement. It’s safe to say that with the Christmas holiday, we tend to let our children ‘run wild’ with the decorations. But this year, try a different approach. It’s easier than you think to create a beautiful holiday decorated home that is perfectly sophisticated for adults and absolutely enjoyable for the kids. The trick is in the colors.


Use Complementary Colors

Complementary colors christmas tree

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Take a look at the sparkling jewel tone decorations. The jade and purple complement the  green of the tasseled velvet sofa quite nicely.


 Green and Gold

Christmas Decorations in Dining Room

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Green and gold are a great color combo for a grand traditional dining room. Take special note of the gold ribbon and greenery hanging from the chandeliers.


Solid Color Christmas Lights

solid color christmas lights

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White Christmas lights are great for keeping the home festive as well as color coordinated! We know the kids love the multi-colored lights, but hang those outside or in their bedroom instead.

What are your favorite holiday colors?