Customer Appreciation Day at Exclusive Interiors

It’s that time again to  “save the date” for April 1st. And yes, I know its April Fool’s Day, but we aren’t FOOLIN’! We will be having a Customer Appreciation Open House that Friday from 10am – 7pm.

So mark your calendar now, as Spring is fast approaching, thank the Lord no more snow! All in-stock designer samples will be 20% off, so you can spruce up your home just in time for the Easter Bunny.

Norwalk Furniture and CRLaine Furniture are supporting us with a factory authorized custom upholstery sale presenting 20% off your personal choice of special order furniture.

Refreshments will be served throughout the day and from 4pm – 7pm Happy Hour wine and cheese! Come out and fool with us on April 1st.


The New Kitchen Island: Oversized Dinner Tables

Aside from the every day appliances what is the one thing you will more than likely see when entering a home’s kitchen? An island. Ever since kitchen islands broke onto the scene they have been a kitchen staple. Many include various features such as storage, cooking space, and additional amenities. As interior design has evolved the kitchen island has taken on a new form and function. And depending on your lifestyle you may find them to be more functional than ever before.

The new kitchen island is something we’ve seen before, only on a larger scale. Kitchen islands are now imitating the design of oversized dinner tables. They can be seen featuring leg forms commonly found on tables with less storage space if any. The classic dinner table design is even more exemplified when seating is include on multiple sides.

Take a look at a few of the new kitchen islands we found and let us know what you think!

Images from houzz

Bathroom interior design by The Decorative Touch

Lock Lloyd Master Bathroom Addition

Today I am happy to show a photo of a newly completed renovation in a secluded subdivision in Kansas City called Lock Lloyd that I was fortunate enough to work on! This master bathroom project was so exceptional that it’s easy to see how  fabulous taste and great design come together. I honestly think this bathroom is some of my best work ever.

The addition called for a specific need to create a “slip resistant” area due to the steps leading up to the soaking tub. I drew a “carpet look” runner made out of mosaic tile so that the grout lines would create a more durable surface. The result ended up being a gorgeous, custom tile creation that is truly a focal point in the bathroom.  The bath is a true oasis of relaxation and elegance, from the spa blue wall-covering to the crystal chandelier, and all the beautiful accent tile. The homeowner is truly reflected in their choices of materials, and our design has brought together interior design perfection!

Take a look at just how beautiful the project turned out to be…

Bathroom interior design by The Decorative Touch

Interior design by The Decorative Touch.

Tip of the Week #19: Why Hire an Interior Designer?

Janine Terstriep

Janine @ Decorative Touch

I have been asked a lot lately…

Why use an interior designer when there is so much “do it yourself advice” out there?  What does an interior designer really bring to the table?

Boy, if I had a dollar for all the times I have been asked that question in the last few years! It really does seem like out of all the professions, we designers seem to have to “justify” our positions and experience more than any other certified field.

And I think that is the point.  A true designer has years of experience and/or a certification in the field of interior design.  As the client, you have to do your homework and ask for referrals as well as credentials.  Hiring the right designer can save you money, quite the opposite from what most people think.

A good designer should have an interview with you about your project and your goals. Your designer should then explain how he or she works, and ask a lot of questions about your desires for the project you are about to begin.  Your first appointment after the initial meeting should be a productive one. You should feel like you are making some progress in communication and decision making on the first pieces of the puzzle that fit into your design scheme.

Your designer should help make choosing items easy by having selected things she feels would suit your needs based on previous conversations. He or she has access to an extensive reference library that you couldn’t search without having a design degree. My opinion is that you can’t afford not to use a GOOD designer on your project, but you have to find a GOOD one.

Ask your friends and family for referrals and ask your potential designer for references. If you are not comfortable, find a new one…your home is your haven, it’s as important to trust your designer as your doctor.  After all they are doing a type of surgery on your home, and spending your money as wisely as possible. You have to trust them with decisions that can be very costly, which are investments in your home and your lifestyle.  A high level of communication throughout is very important for the process to go well.  So be sure to find someone you can talk to and are comfortable being with.

If you find the right person you will know he or she will have your best interest at heart.  As a designer with 27 years experience, I know my joy comes from truly helping reach beyond my client’s goals…and even better if we achieve that within budget!!

As busy as we are in today’s world, the more need there is to hire an interior designer to help make your home your haven, there truly is a difference.  Costly mistakes of purchasing the wrong pieces, painting the wrong colors, and buying the wrong accessories will keep adding up to money used in the wrong direction.  Call your designer today, you simply can’t afford not to!

Janine Terstriep
Certified Interior Designer

room with brown interior design

Brown on Brown Inspiration

If you are looking to warm up the interior design in your home this fall don’t rule out brown. Although brown is probably not a color you would expect to see dominate a room, it can. Brown rooms with brown furnishings can be welcoming, warm, elegant and comfortable. If you are on the fence about brown rooms with brown furnishing, check out some interior designs we found on Apartment Therapy for some brown on brown inspiration.

room with brown interior designroom with brown interior designroom with brown interior designroom with brown interior designroom with brown interior design

Exclusive Interiors LLC

Open House at Exclusive Interiors

Exclusive Interiors LLCMany of you don’t know this but I own a second business. In addition to The Decorative Touch Ltd I own Exclusive Interiors LLC,  a full-service residential and commercial interior design studio. We are kicking off fall with an open house and I want you all to come out!

Sponsored by Exclusive Interiors LLC and The Decorative Touch LTD,  the Fall Open House at the studio will take place next week on October 1st and 2nd from 10am-5pm. You will find one of a kind fabric fair with exclusive designer fabrics at exclusive savings that will never seen again! Be sure to bring bring your window measurements, as you will want to place your order on the spot.

Also, our entire store will be 10% off and, 10% of our proceeds will go to Susan G. Komen for the Cure so come help us fight breast cancer. There will also be raffles with great prizes from Sherwin Williams paint, Seabrook Wallcovering, Hunter Douglas, York Wallcovering and many more. Refreshments will also be served throughout the day.

Don’t miss this event, ’tis the season to get your home ready for those holiday parties! Mark you calendars now and we’ll see you next weekend!
  • When: October 1st and 2nd; 10am-5pm
  • Where:  14111 W. 95th Street;  Lenexa, Ks 66215
  • For more information call:  913-888-1388


Design News: Chair Adoption?

vimeo-activeSocial experiments seem to be popping up all over NYC . Well, another one to add to the list is an experiment involving curb mining and unsuspecting New Yorkers. Blue Dot, a furniture company out of Minneapolis, conducted the experiment on November 4-5. The company placed chairs, each equipped with a GPS tracker and a note, all over New York City and offered them up free for the taking.

View the Blu Dot experiment here.