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4 Things to Consider in the Kitchen

It’s inevitable; whether simply you and your family catching up after a busy day or a large group of friends over for a party, people tend to gather in the kitchen. So why settle for a boring, run-of-the-mill design? Here are some easy ways to step up the look of your kitchen.

Decorative Touch

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  • The pantry is often a cluttered, catch-all mess, but by taking a little time to use matching containers and keep things organized, you’ll want to leave the pantry door open to show off this beautiful space.
  • Remove some upper cabinet doors to create showcase space for your beautiful dishes, whether a group of matching antique mugs or stunning modern plates.
  • Get organized by painting over part of your pantry door with chalkboard paint to create a visible and easily accessible spot to keep notes and make grocery lists.
  • Granite countertops are a winner because of their classic look and durability. You can make them fit the style of your kitchen by using different cuts on the edges, like playing to a modern room with a straight edge.
  • Deep, oversized sinks work well in kitchens with limited counter space as you can keep dirty dishes and prep items out of the way until it’s time for cleanup.

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