4 Tips for Using Area Rugs in Home Design

Since writing about chevron floors earlier this week, we’ve had flooring on the mind. Now we want to look at how best to use area rugs. While perusing HGTV.com, we came across an excellent slideshow offering area rug-related advice. Here are some of the suggestions we especially agree with:

  1. Always consider your lifestyle before selecting a rug. A delicate area rug isn’t the best option for a family with children and pets.
  2. Area rugs can be used to define different spaces within an open, larger space, like a dining area and a living area.
  3. They’re also great for tying together a color palette. In fact, many designers will purchase the area rug before selecting furniture and accessories because it’s such a defining part of a space.
  4. The rug shouldn’t take up the entire floor. It’s always nice to see gorgeous hardwoods peeking through.

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Photo: Interior design by The Decorative Touch