How To Create an Eclectic Decorating Scheme

Decorating your place can leave you with many questions. One of the biggest questions is: “Where do I begin?” You can get a good start by deciding on a style. Starting here will allow you to begin envisioning the space as it will be and allow you to begin estimating cost. Here are just some ideas for an eclectic style of design:

Let’s start with a little color – If your furniture and accessories have a variety of colors, you may want to go neutral with wall color to ground or tie in the other pieces. Since your furniture doesn’t match in eclectic style, trying to match one of the pieces you love with your wall color may result in a color clash of another item.

Turning to furniture – There are some furniture styles that can be combined and some that shouldn’t. Look for common elements in furniture to mesh together the styles. Use the lines, materials, colors or upholstery to keep styles on track. Your contemporary sofa will mesh nicely with an Asian table for example, as both have straight, clean lines.

Don’t forget the accessories – Some accessory styles clash and some don’t. Formal Victorian with rustic pieces can actually blend together quite well. What won’t work is a modern piece of artwork next to an antique lace runner. There’s nothing to tie the items together. Be sure to have accessories that are varied, but related in some way – color, theme or texture. You get the idea. Your prized piece of carved wood African art can be placed with a rustic wooden bucket by virtue of both being wood. So there is a way to work in your prized possessions or travel souvenirs.

To bring the eclectic style in your living room, you may need to make a few small changes to get the look that works. You don’t need to completely makeover your room or break your budget – as eclectic room can incorporate so many design elements, just be sure to take steps to define the eclectic style in your living room. There are no hard and fast rules for eclectic living rooms, but combining elements for harmony help define one.

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