Janine’s Tip of the Week#6: Designing the Basement

I just saw this blog post on Colour Me Happy (one of my favorite design blogs out there) about basement design and thought I would share some of my own thoughts about decorating the basement with you:

When doing a lower level, darker is definitely better! Remember that you generally have to turn on the lights anyway, so why not be a little more adventurous with your color scheme? Just go for it. Why not try something that may be out of your comfort zone? One step darker then you might usually go for, or even darker, makes the space seem cozy will be more like an extension of the upstairs vs. a regular ol’ basement.

Keep in mind that the basement is one area you can bring out your inner “designer” and go for it!! You will be glad you did. Here are a few tips to get you started:

  • Adding mirrors will help expand the space, and be sure to incorporate the all-important TV for the relaxed viewing pleasure.
  • The basement is also a great area for the “man cave” with a woman’s touch. (He may get the 60″ television, you have to love being there, so the fabrics should be a reflection of both of you!)
  • Another way to create some ambiance is to install dimmers. Dimmers make the space cozy, which is perfect for movie viewing and entertaining.
  • Forget that cold cement slab. New flooring can also add some interest to the space. Carpets can really go from standard to fun here and could even be the starting place of your design theme.

You want your guest to walk in and say WOW, right? So, think a little “out of the box.” Remember, comfort, warmth and function are your goals here, so have fun with it!