I’ve moved!

To all my loyal customers and friends,
I want to announce the NEW location of my design studio! We have been busy moving, updating, and making things even bigger and better to show you the best in the design industry! We are now just west of 95th and Pflumm in Lenexa right next to Pella Windows @ 14111 W 95th St. I am so excited to show off our new space and look forward to our big “open house” on May 1st. Check back soon for details!


How To Create an Eclectic Decorating Scheme

Decorating your place can leave you with many questions. One of the biggest questions is: “Where do I begin?” You can get a good start by deciding on a style. Starting here will allow you to begin envisioning the space as it will be and allow you to begin estimating cost. Here are just some ideas for an eclectic style of design:

Let’s start with a little color – If your furniture and accessories have a variety of colors, you may want to go neutral with wall color to ground or tie in the other pieces. Since your furniture doesn’t match in eclectic style, trying to match one of the pieces you love with your wall color may result in a color clash of another item.

Turning to furniture – There are some furniture styles that can be combined and some that shouldn’t. Look for common elements in furniture to mesh together the styles. Use the lines, materials, colors or upholstery to keep styles on track. Your contemporary sofa will mesh nicely with an Asian table for example, as both have straight, clean lines.

Don’t forget the accessories – Some accessory styles clash and some don’t. Formal Victorian with rustic pieces can actually blend together quite well. What won’t work is a modern piece of artwork next to an antique lace runner. There’s nothing to tie the items together. Be sure to have accessories that are varied, but related in some way – color, theme or texture. You get the idea. Your prized piece of carved wood African art can be placed with a rustic wooden bucket by virtue of both being wood. So there is a way to work in your prized possessions or travel souvenirs.

To bring the eclectic style in your living room, you may need to make a few small changes to get the look that works. You don’t need to completely makeover your room or break your budget – as eclectic room can incorporate so many design elements, just be sure to take steps to define the eclectic style in your living room. There are no hard and fast rules for eclectic living rooms, but combining elements for harmony help define one.

News: Are You in the Market for New Upholstered Furniture?

Miles-accessorizedI just got back from Norwalk, OH from the Norwalk furniture factory and wow, was I impressed. Norwalk has been transformed, cleaned up, and streamlined into a #1 US custom-made furniture option. Under new ownership and new vision, this company is another one of my favorites.  The employees just gleamed  with pride as we toured the factory, where we witnessed fine upholsterers and seamstresses putting the final touches on their product. It was such an honor to see each phase of the upholstery process.

After 25 years selling fine furniture, I have an even greater appreciation for what goes into the final product. I have just gotten a new chair in my studio, the Quincy chair,  and would love to share more about Norwalk with you. If you aren’t able to stop by,  be sure to check out the Norwalk Web site. It is well worth your time. I especially love the Copley Square collection as it fits almost everyone, but the new Elise Chair is a beauty. And if comfort with a flair is for you, take a peak at the Milford.

Have fun with Norwalk. They have really taken a step in the right direction.
Photo Credit: Norwalk Furniture

Janine’s Tip of the Week #2: Furniture Selection

decorativetouch4I often get asked: Where do I begin in my furniture selection for this room?

Well, again each case is different, but most of the time the largest piece dictates the space.  I often start with either the area rug or the sofa. Which piece is going to have more pattern?  If the area rug is the busiest and has a large-scale pattern, I start with that first. Then the sofa will be smaller or medium pattern. For instance, a tweed or texture looks great with larger patterned pillows. Additionally, I might choose leather or plaid/paisley patterned chairs  to complement the rug colors.  As a general rule of thumb, I like to work from that one large pattern; it makes it easier to find the perfect “go with” items.
Janine Terstriep

Janine’s Tip of the Week #1: Design Homework

KitchenAre you considering redecorating or remodeling, and yet have no idea how you want the space to look? Are you completely unsure of your own style?

Before calling your interior designer, start by doing a little homework.  I always give my clients a little research project: Go to your favorite bookstore and invest in 3-5 design magazines in your project category. Are you interested in kitchen remodel? Are you interested in a fabulous new great room or are you focused on your master bedroom?

By diving into a few magazines and creating a scrapbook of your favorites, you are sure to tell your favorite designer a lot about the look you have in your heart. Just by looking at someone’s favorite tear outs, it’s easy for me to see what is consistent.

And remember, decorating is a FUN and exciting process. Enjoy the peace of mind a professional can bring to the process of successful interior design.

Janine Terstriep

Turquoise: The Talk of 2010

Just as each New Year invariably brings resolutions, so does it deliver forecasts of home fashion trends. And in terms of color, Pantone—a color research and information center—is arguably the premier predictor; when they talk, anyone who uses color in their profession listens, including interior designers.

Image Courtesy of Pantone

Image Courtesy of Pantone

Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of the Pantone Color Institute, says turquoise is the color of the year for 2010—specifically, PANTONE 15-5519. “In many cultures, turquoise occupies a very special position in the world of color,” she explains. “It is believed to be a protective talisman, a color of deep compassion and healing, and a color of faith and truth, inspired by water and sky. Through years of color word-association studies, we also find that turquoise represents an escape to many—taking them to a tropical paradise that is pleasant and inviting, even if only a fantasy.”

Additionally, the Pantone color experts note that turquoise is a color that most people respond to positively. It’s universally flattering, appeals to both men and women and translates beautifully to interiors. Turquoise adds a splash of excitement to neutrals and browns, complements reds and pinks, creates a classic maritime look with deep blues, livens up all other greens and is especially trend-setting with yellow-greens.

By Louise Lange

Designer Secrets for Help in Selecting the Perfect Paint Color!

1.)  Select your fabrics for the living room or great room first, the rug, drapery, and sofa are often the more expensive items and will generate the color scheme…and the $300-$500 of paint will create the backdrop for these items.  So selecting the perfect shade of “mocha” will often be found in your sofa and help ground the other items in the room.
2.)  Select your tile and granite first if you are working on a kitchen or bathroom, as they are the materials that will remain the longest and again are the most costly.  Its easy to get more excited about your paint color when you can see how well it relates to the materials already selected in the room!
3.)  If you are working on a bedroom, buy your bedding first!  There are so many beautiful bed collections that the paint color can accent so deliciously once your bedding is selected, and your job is so much easier.
4.)  If a bath renovation is on your list, start with wonderful new tile or simply a new shower curtain and your paint or possibly wallpaper can fit in nicely.
5.)  And if you must choose your color palette that flows throughout your home with out all of your furniture selections complete, I do suggest hiring a professional interior designer to help make selections as perfect as possible.  There are many things to be considered when building or renovating…designers do make the processes much easier.