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Mix Cabinetry Finishes for Sophisticated Eclectic Style

Kitchen Stove AreaI am often asked about mixing cabinet finishes, and is it a trend or is it a timeless statement?  I find that its important to be true to yourself, and create the eclectic style you crave!  Its a great option to think about mixing and matching cabinetry finishes, and I sure don’t see this as trendy, just another interesting way to make your space special!

When you’re dealing with a small space, such as bathrooms, you want to create an illusion of space. The best way to accomplish this will be by using dark cabinetry finishes down low, switching to lighter finishes as you move upward. The dark color works as a visual anchor.

Don’t worry about choosing cabinetry finishes that might be trendy at the moment. Trends come and go. Instead of trying to be fashionable, allow your instincts to guide you when making choices about the types of cabinets you want to mix and match.

Even though you might be mixing and matching styles and colors, try to stick to a theme. For example, pick natural wood grains or bright colors throughout the entire room.

Houzz mix cabinetry finishes

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In addition to playing with different cabinet doors, don’t be afraid to try unique baseboards. The baseboard should make a nice accent piece.

When you allow yourself to take a chance and try an eclectic mix-up of varying types of cabinetry finishes, you’ll quickly find your house has become home and does an amazing job showing off your unique and fun personality. Decorative Touch Ltd.

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3 Lighting Trends for Traditional Homes

There is a common misconception that a traditional interior design style is fussy and outdated. This couldn’t be farther from the truth as designers and homeowners continue to push the boundaries of traditional design by integrating many current design trends within the style.

There are several lighting trends perfect for interior design projects in a traditional home, including:


Refined rustic

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Refined rustic Modern fabrics, shapes, and accents add a refined look to classic rustic lighting. This evolution of the rustic look infuses a modern feel to the casual design style.

Kitchen layered lighting

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Layered lighting Many traditional homes boast large, multifunction kitchens that require a variety of lights. Using layered lighting to combine functional with overhead lights will create a warm ambience while providing targeted lighting via can, pendant, under cabinet, and track lighting.

crystal chandelier

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Crystal If you want to add a splash of drama and elegance to your home’s interior consider investing in crystal lighting. This lighting style is best integrated into a traditional home in classic chandelier shapes.

The Decorative Touch is ready to help you find the perfect lighting for your home. Contact us today to learn more about the variety of lighting options available to complement your Lenexa home’s interior design.

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Using Metallics in Traditional Interior Design

metallics interior designMetallic-inspired decor and home accessories are the number one design trend for 2013. Whether your home is decorated in a sleek, contemporary style, or features a traditional interior design, shiny furnishings and accessories add design details to make your room pop.

The use of metallic finishes such are showing up in a variety of room applications, including kitchen fixtures and furniture. Metallic fixtures appeal to homeowners who desire a warm, clean look to their home design. Combined with soft, neutral colors, these pieces accent a room without overwhelming the style. Introducing the punch of metallic finishes in luxurious fabrics draws visual interest, while drawing attention to other, more subtle design elements. Here are some design ideas to help you incorporate more bling into your Kansas City living space:

Push your design element by featuring metallic finishes on your ceiling. This is a good way to introduce reflective materials to your room without it competing with your other design choices.

  • Install ceiling tiles in a tin, copper, silver or gold finish.
  • Use metallic ceiling paint to highlight overhead architectural elements
  • Dress your walls in classic gold and cream patterned metallic wallpaper, for instant sophistication.
  • Look for window treatments featuring shots of metallic threads and embroidery.


When combined with traditional interior design elements, metallic finishes add glamour and a sense of luxury, bringing your room to life in inspiring new ways.

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Making Bold Color Work in a Traditional Home

Many of us are familiar with traditional style because it is familiar to us. Our grandparents were traditional, our parents love traditional, and now we feel as if traditional truly means home. But we do live in the 21st century where we can take the traditional and add an updated twist with a dose of bold color. Now when we say bold, we don’t mean “loud”. Your bold color choice should enhance your traditional spaces, not over power it. Take a look at a few examples below.

Bold wall paper in powder room

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This bold red wallpaper is fabulous for the powder room. It is perfectly fine to spruce up a small space with a punch of powerful color.


orange barn doors

Instead of regular old white bi-fold doors for the laundry center, add a pop of bold color and interest with colored sliding barn doors.


red vintage dresser

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If you have old wood furniture pieces that you would like to repurpose in the home, repaint an old dresser or console table a bright, bold color for a colorful vignette.

Do you need an interior designer to help you update your Kansas City home with bold color and exquisite design? Contact The Decorative Touch by calling 913-888-1388.

The Classic Characteristics of Traditional Kitchens

Have you always favored the look and feel of traditional styles when it comes to the interiors of your home? Traditional designs are often a popular choice because of their ability to withstand the test of time, and their versatility. A traditional kitchen can be rustic, country, eclectic, old world, and even contemporary with the use of high tech appliances.

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If you are considering redesigning your kitchen to feature a traditional look consider adding these classic characteristics compiled by Apartment Therapy:

  • Recessed panel cabinets or raised panel cabinet doors
  • More texture and variation, less sleek uniformity
  • Handles and knobs (as opposed to handle-free doors in modern kitchens)
  • Use of freestanding furniture
  • Country or rustic elements, such as farmhouse sinks or weathered woods
  • Natural materials, especially hard wood and stone like marble
  • Upper cabinets and storage
  • Glass or open cabinet
  • Skirting boards
  • Crown molding
  • Neutral tones and white
  • Antique or vintage elements
  • Natural or oriental rugs

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